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Default Please respect Canon


So i have heard from several sources that at the end of First Class, Charles would be in a wheelchair. Now this DOES contradict the original trilogy as well as Wolverine Origins.

Now i know many of you fans despise X3 and Origins, you believe that they are lower quality then X1 and X2, WHICH IS TRUE. However, that DOESN'T mean they are non-canon.

By that logic, the whole Star Wars prequel trilogy and all the sequels to the original Pirates of the Caribbean are non-canon.

All this discontinuity that First Class is affecting how the characters are viewed in the originals. For example, when i watch X1, i respect the flashbacks shown in X3, and i know sometime during the 80's Charles was still walking and friends with Erik (Magneto), i have that knowledge in my head, but how am i supposed to view Charles in X1 after seeing First Class? His past in my perception would be one big Paradox.

It is sad really, i have heard many reviews saying that First Class is on par with X1 and X2, however it still can't respect previous canon. While Origins, which was a low quality film, respected the canon given in X3 (which made sense because Origins took place during the 80's).

Lets compare a hypothetical situation that is similar to how First Class is treating Canon:

(this is a what if situation in which ROTS contracted the OT)

Example: The year is 2005, Star Wars Episode 3 has been released in theaters. Before its release, Episode 1 and 2 respected the canon given in the Original series. Before seeing the film, i decided to rewatch the OT, knowing while seeing Darth Vader, that he grew up as a slave boy. Although Episode 1 isn't on par with the OT, i respect its canon. But at the end of ROTS, Anakin does not get burned up, nor does Obi-wan take his lightsaber, infact the movie ends with Anakin in good health without the suit. All these facts contradict the OT. That is how First Class is treating its predecessors.

Now if First Class was marketed as a REBOOT, i would have no problem since it can't contradict canon it is not apart of. But marketing it as a prequel and also contradicting earlier material, causes it to not actually be a prequel but a reboot. Therefore it is false marketing. It is almost as bad as calling the new Planet of the Apes a prequel (which it is called, even though its a reboot).

Canon is extremely important, im sure you would not want sequels or prequels made the franchises that you enjoy that would contradict it.

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Default Re: Please respect Canon

Please respect Canon
Please make Good X-Men Movie

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Default Re: Please respect Canon

Well, it's too late to change the movie now. This conversation can go into the regular discussion thread.

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Default Re: Please respect Canon

It get's better!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Mystique is Xavier's step-sister in the new film

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