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Default What if they decide to reboot w/ same actors in sequels?

In all honesty. i agree that they should just reboot the whole thing. having nods to the original movies was nice, but its too confusing.

and keep hugh jackman as wolverine. and maybe THE WOLVERINE can happen in the X-Men First Class continuity. and basically x men could happen in the past around historic events, instead of it being in the "not too distant fiture"

i mean too many continuity boo boos. if that was storm in the cerebro portion then in x1 that makes her old in x1. and in all honesty halle in x1 looks 30 ish.

i wouldn't mind it. they could have wolverine (hugh jackman) join the team in a third film while giving him his own Wolverine film too.

this way they can have cyclops, angel, beast, jean grey (just keep hugh jackman) as wolverine and try to redo his orgins so that its visually more accurate to the comic.

they can get closer to having a more classic roster of x men.

i know it would be confusing but it could work. this way we aren't limited to a trilogy.

they could keep making x men films. for a good while.

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Default Re: What if they decide to reboot w/ same actors in sequels?

Seems like a horrible financial decision.

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Default Re: What if they decide to reboot w/ same actors in sequels?

They reboot and I check out of the franchise.

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Default Re: What if they decide to reboot w/ same actors in sequels?

Look My feeling Is If you reboot you need to bring In Completly new people both In Front
and behind the scenes.With james Bond It was bad Idea for producers who approved
of Die Another Day to still be calling the shots.Bad Idea for writers of Die Another Day to
still be Involved In writing all the films.And bad Idea for Judi Dench to still be playing M.

If X-Men First Class was shadow reboot FOx should be sued for false advertsing.In Rebbot you don't have connections to Films you are now saying never happened.
When they did Casino Royale they said Dr No through Die Another Day never happened.
Batman Begins said all previous Batman films never happened.Man of Steel will say no previous Superman films Happened.The Amazing SPider man says Spider-Man 1-3 never
happened.They need no producers In charge.Lauren Shuller Donner help approve The Last Stand and Wolverine.Simon Kinberg a writer on Last Stand was producer on First Class.They need to Immedely axe The Wolverine and X-Men Originseadpool.Sorry
but Hugh jackman can not play WOlverine If you are saying all previous pre first Class films never happen.It's one thing to Ignore The Last Stand and/or Wolverine but Ignoring all films means he shouldn't have cameod In First Class and shouldn't be In any more X-Men films.Same thing with Deadpool.

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