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Default How a shared X-Men Universe can exist

This is how I'd build things. Let me also state that New Mutants and Alpha Flight would also be great as TV series and just like the X-Factor show in production and Fantastic Four, they would take place in the present. And scroll to the bottom to know how I'd handle a real X-Men/Fantastic Four team-up film and allow Disney and Fox access to each other's characters without there being confusion over Quicksilver.

Fantastic Four (2015, Doctor Doom as villain)

Deadpool (late 70s, Ajax and Slayback as villains)
X-Men Apocalypse (80s, Apocalypse as villain)

Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Specified as just "near future," Sabretooth as villain, first appearance of X-23, mostly a hint at things to come, particularly hints about the death of Wolverine's son. The Thing also appears.)

Fantastic Four: Annihilation (2017, Annihilus as villain)

X-Force (1992, Genesis, Dark Riders and Sinsear as villains)

Silver Surfer (thousands of years ago, Reptyl as villain for first two acts, Galactus as villain for third)

Deadpool 2 (1994, Juggernaut and Black Tom as villains, a younger Siryn pre-X-Factor also shows up)

X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song (1995, Stryfe as villain, Cable crosses over from X-Force)

Wolverine: The Lazarus Project (1997, Omega Red as villain, Agent Zero and Karma first appear here.)

Fantastic Four: Revenge of Subterrania (2020, Mole Man as villain, homeless subway dwellers and moloids as goons)

X-Force: Assault on Weapon X (1998, Malcom Colcord and John Sublime as villlains, Mister Sinister as their director, Ultomaton as the big goon, Weapon X soldiers as other goons)

X-Men: Messiah Complex (1999-2000 New Year, Mister Sinister, Sabretooth
and the Marauders as villains, Cable again crosses over from X-Force)

Deadpool 3 (2002, T-Ray as villain)

X-Force: Phalanx Covenant (2005, Cameron Hodge as villain, Genoshan Magistrates as goons for first two acts, Phalanx as villain for third. Subtitle may be changed to X-Tinction Agenda or Second Coming.)

Fantastic Four: The Coming of Galactus (2022, Glactus and Silver Surfer as villains)

Wolverine: Enemy of the State (2007, Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike as villains, Silverfox as ally, X-Factor appear)

X-Men: Fatal Attractions (2008, Magneto leads Genosha after it's overthrow at the hands of X-Force. However, his Defense Minister Fabian Cortez wishes to go to war against all of humanity and attempts to frame Magneto for attacks across the world in order to provoke Magneto into attempting world domination. The M-Men are sent in to investigate before the entire situation gets out of control. Magneto winds up mind-wiped, Genosha is destroyed ina nuclear strike, The Sentinel project is reactivated and Cortez flees the country. May also be retitled House of M.)

Deadpool 4 (2012, Garrison Kane as a Canadian government agent who wishes to bring Deadpool to justice)

Silver Surfer 2 (2023, Terminus as villain)

X-Force: Necrosha (2015, Selene utilizes with the transmode virus to resurrect the dead Phalanx as an undead army under her psychic control that puts her in control of Genosha. It's the closest either Fox or Disney will ever get to making a Marvel Zombies film.)

Wolverine: Final Execution (2019, Sabretooth and Daken as villains. X-23 crosses over from X-Force. Daken dies. Nearly everything prior to Old Man Logan has happened.)

Fantastic Four: Frightful (2024, Doctor Doom assembles a team with the Mad Thinker, Trapster and Wizard to counter the Fantastic Four.)

X-Men: Proteus (2023, Proteus as the villain, Moira MacTaggart who's the niece of the one we know from First Class is also somewhat villainous since she doesn't want to hide that she imprisoned her own son as a test subject)

Silver Surfer 3 (2025, Blastaar and Terrax as villains)

Deadpool 5 (2025, Evil Deadpool as the main villain)

X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga (2026, Archangel becomes lured back by Apocalypse and may very well regain his place as a horseman executing Apocalypse's will. X-Force may very well have to murder their own close friend)

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet (2026, White Ghost as the villain)

Fantastic Four: This Land is Mine! (Lucia von Bardas as villain. The Fantastic Four are forced to assist Doctor Doom in regaining control of Latveria)

Silver Surfer 4 (Obliterator as villain)

X-Men: The Twelve (2027, Apocalypse has returned. While X-Force may have delayed his plans, he may actually rule the world this time. Doctor Doom and Magneto are forced to assist both Cable and the X-Men in defeating this menace once and for all.)

Deadpool 6 (2027, Wackbeard the Pirate as the villain)

Fantastic Four: Secret Invasion (2028, X-Factor discovers that Polaris was secretly a Skrull, worse yet, she was communicating with somebody in the Baxter Building. When one of the Fantastic Four is secretly launching an alien invasion, the team is pushed to their breaking point. Super Skrull is the villain)

Wolverine: Coyote Crossing (2028, Rojas as villain. Wolverine fights slavers in the Southwest)

X-Force: Zero Tolerance (2028, X-Force are on the wrong side of the law after the government reactivates the Sentinel Program which was led by a sentinel from the future who fled to the past during the time of DOFP. It's up to X-Force to stop Bastion and destroy any factory manufacturing sentinels. This is mutantkind's last hope)

At any point in the 2020s

X-Men/X-Force/Fantastic Four: Onslaught (2029, Onslaught/Dark Phoenix as the villain. One of the X-Men is a traitor and all eyes are on Gambit who was spying on the X-men for Mister Sinister until the events of Messiah Complex. Whichever one of them will become known as Onslaught is destined to not only slaughter the X-Men but most of the Earth's population. It turns out that it's Jean Grey who underneath Magneto's armor, is the Dark Phoenix. It's a way to take a mulligan on X-Men 3. By the end of the film, it's revealed that the Scarlet Witch created another pocket universe where she and Quicksilver were the only mutants in the world after witnessing the destruction caused by mutant powers. It turns out that without mutants, the world found others to become its heroes with Wanda and Peitro instead of being members of the Brotherhood being members of this world's version of the X-Men. X-Force and the Fantastic Four join forces and all three teams along with X-Factor from the TV series manage to stop Jean Grey but at the cost of their own world where they accept that their reality is dying after Jean destroys the M'Kraan Crystal watched over by Uatu which is causing the realities to merge. This results in the X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU where the X-Men can team up with the Avengers, X-Force can meet the Defenders, X-Factor can cross over with SHIELD and the Fantastic Four can interact with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans.)

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