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Default Favorite voices

Batman and his colorful cast of villains have been around for quite some time. Enough time that he’s had multiple incarnations; animated, video games, live action, etc. Being a comic book property the adaptions have to capture the spirit and the voices of the characters. Being fans of comic books we often hear certain voices in our heads when we read these characters. So the question of the day is this; what voice do you hear when it comes to these characters? Any voices or portrayals in media that make you perpetually hear that version of the character when reading them?

Pick and pull from different sources as some portrayals are better than others, you may absolutely LOVE Ra’s in BTAS, but feel that the show’s Clayface pales in comparison to his voice in Arkham City… Feel that Young Justice’s Hugo Strange sounds boring in comparison to The Batman’s portrayal; Heck maybe NO ONE has yet to voice Killer Croc the way that you imagine him to sound, etc. Let’s have fun with this!
Here’s a starting point make your list!

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Kevin Conroy…no contest haha

Robin/ Nightwing / Dick Grayson: This one is a bit harder as there is both an adult/college aged voice and a childhood voice. So I’ll be choosing individually
Adult: Burt Ward…with BTAS’s Loren Lester in a close second (I think Burt was better as adult Robin, where Loren was better as Nightwing)
Child: Young Justice’s Jesse McCartney

Penguin: Paul Willaims…as one of the few people who like Penguin sounding sophisticated and aristocratic he simply IS the Penguin to me… Though I will admit that Burgess Meredith is ICONIC to the point most people try to impersonate his laughs when voicing Oswald

Joker: Mark Hamill

Black Mask: I like The Batman’s James Remar the best of the character portrayals thus far

That’s all I could do while I’m at work…

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Default Re: Favorite voices

I'll go. The criteria of this list actually applies to multiple voice actors for these characters for me so I'll put down a couple of my most favorite voices for each.

Batman: Kevin Conroy, Bruce Greenwood, Rino Romano (The Batman), Roger Craig Smith (Arkham Origins), Troy Baker (Telltale Games), Anthony Ruivivar (Beware the Batman)

Honorable mentions include Will Arnett, Adam West, Diedrich Bader.

Alfred: Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Martin Jarvis (Arkham Games), Alistair Duncan (The Batman), JB Blanc (Beware the Batman), David McCallum, Enn Reitel (Telltale Games),
Ralph Fiennes (Lego Batman Movie), Alan Oppenheimer (Public Enemies), Jim Piddock (Under the Red Hood)

Dick Grayson: Adult-Neil Patrick Harris, Loren Lester, Jerry O'Connell, Will Friedle.

Child-Jesse McCartney

Barbara Gordon: Tara Strong, Danielle Judovits (The Batman), Alyson Stoner (Young Justice), Mae Whitman (Brave and the Bold), Kimberly Brooks (Injustice)

Commissioner Gordon: Bob Hastings, Bryan Cranston (Year One), Mitch Pillegi (The Batman), Kutwood Smith (Beware the Batman), Jonathan Banks (Arkham Knight), Murphy Guyver (Telltale Games), Tom Kane (Arkham Asylum).

Harvey Bullock: Robert Costanzo

Joker: Mark Hamill, Troy Baker, John DiMaggio (Under the Red Hood).

Two-Face: Richard Moll, Troy Baker (Arkham City), Travis Willingham (Telltale Games)

Catwoman: Grey Delisle, Adrienne Barbeau (TAS), Gina Gershon (The Batman), Laura Bailey (Telltale Games), Eliza Dushku (Year One)

Riddler: John Glover, Wally Wingert, Robert Englund (The Batman)

Mr Freeze: Michael Ansara, Maurice LaMarche (Arkham City), Clancy Brown (The Batman), Keith Szarabijka (Young Justice)

Poison Ivy: Diane Pershing, Tasia Valenza (Arkham Games),

Penguin: Paul Williams, Nolan North (Arkham Games), Jason Spisak (Telltale Games).

Bane: JB Blanc, Danny Trejo (Young Justice), Joaquim De Almedia (The Batman), Fred Tatasciore (Injustice 2)

Ras Al Ghul: David Warner, Oded Fehr (Young Justice), Jason Isaacs (Under the Red Hood), Lance Reddick (Beware the Batman).

Talia: Stana Katic (Arkham Games), Helen Slater (TAS)

Scarecrow: Jeffrey Combs, Dino Andrade (Arkham Games), Robert Englund (Injustice 2), John Noble (Arkham Knight), Henry Polic II (TAS) Dee Bradley Baker (Brave and the Bold)

Killer Croc: Steve Blum, Aron Kincaid (TAS), Ron Perlman (The Batman), Fred Tatasciore(Son of Batman)

Clayface: Ron Perlman, Rick D Wasserman (Arkham City)

Harley Quinn: Arleen Sorkin, Tara Strong (Arkham City), Hynden Walch (The Batman)

Black Mask: Wade Williams, Brian Bloom (Arkham Origins), James Remar (The Batman).

Firefly: Crispin Freeman, Jason Marsden (The Batman).

Hugo Strange: Corey Burton, Frank Gorshin (The Batman), Richard Green (The Batman).

Mad Hatter: Roddy McDowall, Peter MacNicol (Arkham City)

Ventriloquist & Scarface: George Dzundza, Dan Castelleneta (The Batman)

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