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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 8

I always liked the idea of Clark having 'special glasses' as in the glasses that have special lenses where people see an altered image of Clark than what is really there. That so long as people are looking at him, they see a different person to Superman. I like that idea and I always wondered why they didn't use that more often.

Lois and Clark to me, was one of those things where I saw no way how they couldn't see Clark was Superman. When I watched it when I was young I was always sure I missed an episode where Clark did a trick where he had a projection of Superman speaking while Clark stood next to Lois or something. That explains how she doesn't suspect it's him.

I think extreme performance differences are important too. Having Clark be the strong mild mannered guy that he is but trying to act meeker or more timid in the office but in no way 'weak.' Having him act just quiet and 'too himself' but not a pushover at-all. But having Superman be strong, confident, powerful and authoritarian.

Having a performance so convincing really would work IMO. The problem with Reeve was his Clark was too bumbling and weak, his Superman was great, the problem with Cain's Superman was he was too stiff and forced, his Clark was too 'happy go lucky' as well. (Although I accept Cain's Clark/Superman was written to fit the formula of a weekly romantic/drama/adventure series.) Routh's Clark AND Superman was good but the film's storyline sucked so it didn't make much of an impact.

I would like to see a Clark who is just keeping to himself and is a workaholic (i.e he doesn't stop to chat to people because he's working so hard.) But is still nice to others. And then Superman can be powerful and confident, almost controlling with the amount of power he has.

And then it isn't so much that people are 'so thick' that they don't see they are the same person but that they are SO different they COMPLETELY forget about Clark Kent becuase Superman's presence is so powerful. ONly STAS has so far shown me a powerful Superman who has authority as far as adaptations go.

Now as far as the 'non glasses' idea goes.... I don't know, I suppose if Synder has a novel, ingenius way of changing EVERYTHING to make it make more plausible sense then I would be interested in seeing it and I won't be disrupted by the change. Although, like I said in the Lois Lane thread I don't like to see change for the sake of change. I like to see it done because there's no other way of doing it without not making it seem plausible.

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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 8

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
The disguise is the hardest part of the Superman mythology to pull off onscreen, and Bryan Singer actually did it right.

He improved on Donner. Donner made Clark as bumbling slapstick comedy that drew attention to himself.

Singer made Clark has a quiet guy who faded into the background, with poor posture and a different voice.

IMO that is the most plausible the CK disguise can ever hope to be.
Also Brandon widen his eyes as Clark and squints them as Superman.

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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 8

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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