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Default Smallville existing within the DCTV Multiverse?

I'm hoping for it, honestly. Theoretically, with the number of different earths being infinite, it's something that could be true without them even being forced to make it canon, but it'd certainly be cool to see it made official, and with original castmembers to boot. Rather than any sort of revival that other shows seem to be going through, have the universe of this series opened up to the use of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow.

Particularly from a Supergirl standpoint, as there'd be a Superman, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter on both of those earths. Maybe Cisco's device for Kara shorts out or something and takes her to SV's earth rather than the main Arrowverse earth.

Or the Crisis on Infinite Earths scenario that's been teased on The Flash, even though that's supposed to be a long way off.

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Default Re: Smallville existing within the DCTV Multiverse?

Digging up an old thread here I would love it if it was confirmed that Smallville was one of the Earths in the CW multiverse but some things give me pause on that. For instance it seems on the multiple Earths all the multiverse versions of the same character all look the same. For instance we saw Harry Well's team of Well's recently in the Flash and they all looked like him. In order for Tom Welling to be one of the Clark Kent's in this universe then re ally Supergirl's Superman should have looked like him and not Tyler Hoechlin (funnily enough that would have happened had he not turned down appearing on Supergirl as Superman). The same can also be said for Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and many others. Although the Flash did confirm that the 1990s Flash existed in this multiverse when we first saw Barry cross the time barrier and it was in one of the pockets of time we saw. Now while you can explain Barry in that universe looking different (because it's actually Henry Allen/Jay Garrick's multiverse doppelgänger in that universe but he's called Barry Allen), however in that universe we know Iris West looked a lot different (even if she was only in the pilot). However, that doesn't rule out on the Smallville Earth (aswell as the alternate earth where Clark meets Clark Luthor) that Clark and others could look different, it just would be nice if the Flash confirmed this in an episode.

Now I don't know if anyone here is a fan of Red Dearf but they actually tackled a similar thing in an episode called the Inquisitor. In that episode Lister and Kryten are wiped from history and replaced with alternate versions of themselves, who look different. The Inquistor gives alternative versions of a person the chance to live the life of the same person who wasted there life. So when Lister meets the alternate Lister after having that explained to him he says "so we're sort of sperms in law?!". Not to gross people out but that's the best way to explain it, on the alternate earths you could say that in some cases there were differences in the one that made it to the egg, for lack of a better term.

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