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Default Re: How should the movie start?

Originally Posted by Wyrminarrd View Post
While the beginning credits are still going I'd like to see news paper articles that highlight some of the main characters greatest/most notorious actions and perhaps show previous encounters between characters if they chose to have them have meet before (It would be cool to see a headline like "Iron man turned to scrap metal by the Hulk"). The last headline could then be about Captain America being unfrozen.

You could then cut to Nick Fury and Captain America and have the headlines be the way Fury brings Roger up to speed on the big powered people (Thor, Iron Man and Hulk) he wants to team Rogers with. It would be interesting to see Steve's initial reactions to being told about a Norse god and a eight foot tall green "monster".

I don't want a confusing action sequence were things look bleak followed by a "48 hours earlier" type start to the movie. This gimmick has been done to death imo.
This made me think.Hey remember in certain parts of the previous solo movies there were hints at some tie ins to the other movies.Like when Tony went to see Ross and said he heard about Ross's problem and that there was a team being put together.There was a part in IM where they showed some damage that was done by the Hulk in a monitor.In IM2 remember Fury talked about the other situations he had to deal with.
Im thinking they may take some of this stuff and mold it into a connecting story at the beginning and then start off with SHIELD picking up the threat to earth and then "a daring recruitment effort begins."

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Default Re: How should the movie start?

Thor flies down to earth in a Delorian. As he gets out Coulson looks at him and says "Don, do you know what that is?!?" Thor replies "Of course!, We asgardians collect relics from ALL the nine realms. Luckily I found this in storage, you know, since I destroyed the only means to get back to earth to save Johtenheim."

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