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Default Infamous 3 Discussion and Theories (Secrets and spoilers for Infamous 2)

I have beaten infamous 2 and played most of the first one and they are very good games. There is alot of talk that sucker punch is developing a new third installment of the game series but there are some things that would be cool to see and some things to point out.
The first is that for anyone that hasnt beaten this i will say some things that is major spoilers in the sequel game so read if you want to know them.
1: At the end, while fighting the monster who was his friend and using the RFI, it showed the Cole was killed along with all the other condits with powers in the world leaving only humans but in the first one, the future Cole under a new name with powers of that of a god shows up to his past self so how can he die if there is a future self of him and who says that his body didnt just become pure energy and become something or take over a new form.

There are some things, not too much id love to see in a new game which are:
1: A new array of powers, if still same as cole, teleportation ability, control energy, travel through wires as pure energy, and other abilities.
2: The new story of a man with the same but different powers, a man with blonde hair and possibly Cole as the future self who goes against a much greater threat or he becomes the threat.
3: A new RFI that creates new conduits with new powers in the city
4: Zombies, mutations, superpower beings that fight him with a vast selection of different powers.
5: Able to enter all buildings and cause major destruction by destroying every building exterior and interior there is.
6: Much broader array of dialogue that interact with the character as he does good or evil in the city
7: There is the option to chose in every mission and side mission what you want to do either good or evil and its choice would play a role in the dramatic outcome and totally different ending in the story, how people see and interact with him, the powers he gets and major consequences based on his actions and choices to be good and help or evil and destroy everything and everyone and anything destroyed would stay that way in the game not fix itself.
8: There should be more animals, kids, teens, and variety of people on the streets sitting, walking, at tables, riding bikes, driving in cars sometimes 1-4 people, getting in and out of cars or from or into buildings, and other things.
9: The option to upgrade powers and also change his style and clothing and even stylized costume elements throughout the game to become the world greatest hero or most evil villain.
10: Longer game and more missions to play in the game and secret levels
11: I would like to see more of his personal life on the side, not just him fighting but about his life, family, birth, and if he was married and also side missions like having to date successfully with someone and chose the right things on the date or fun things on the side. People like Superman because we can see and feel who he is on his personal life and heroic life and feel it with him like our own family.
12: Anything else please add here

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Default Re: Infamous 3 Discussion and Theories (Secrets and spoilers for Infamous 2)

I'm pretty sure that Sucker Punch wanted to end the story with the second game. All what they did in the second game is a statement of that.

Besides, there really isn't any reason to go on. I'm satisfyed with what we have been given. I rather have they focus on a new interesting IP.

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Default Re: Infamous 3 Discussion and Theories (Secrets and spoilers for Infamous 2)

Id like to see a third just because I really like the second one. Hated the first though

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Default Re: Infamous 3 Discussion and Theories (Secrets and spoilers for Infamous 2)

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
Id like to see a third just because I really like the second one. Hated the first though
I was in the same boat man. LOVED the second game tho.

Also, op, some of those ideas are just awful.

As for a 3rd game, I agree with Jick. We really don't need another one. The 2nd title ended perfectly.

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Default Re: Infamous 3 Discussion and Theories (Secrets and spoilers for Infamous 2)

Hmm. Second one had a nice wrap up but having recently played the Festival of Blood DLC, I realize that there's a lot more stories to be told in the wolrd of Infamous methinks. I kinda hope they do make a third.

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