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The Morningstar
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Default Hulk vs

Hulk is apparently the strongest there is. Well, let's put him through a gauntlet and see if his unlimited strength helps him out.

1. Thor
2. Red Hulk
3. Gladiator
4. The Thing
5. Silver Surfer
6. Superman
7. Flash (Wally West)
8. Nova Prime
9. Colossus
10. Wonder Woman

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Default Re: Hulk vs

1. Tie or lose. I think Thor's been outclassing Hulk a lot lately.
2. Lose. Red Hulk would just drain his gamma again to turn him into Bruce.
3. Win. Gladiator would lose his confidence one way or another eventually.
4. Win. The Thing is ridiculously outclassed here.
5. Win. Silver Surfer seems out matched physically.
6. Tie. The world would blow up before either won or Superman might just fly the Hulk into space though since Hulk has no flight capability and assuming that Superman is smart he'd just let Hulk float through space for a long period of time before Hulk landed on a planet.
7. Win. If Hulk manages to stop Wally from moving somehow then he'll just smack him and KO Wally.
8. Lose if Nova's helmet thing works? I'm unfamiliar with Nova except for his run in Annihilation.
9. Win unless its the current Colossus with the Juggernaut powers.
10. Win. Unless Diana went in for the kill right away in this bout I doubt she'd be able to win since she doesn't seem to move away from her base strength level.

Good idea Morningstar. I hope this doesn't become one of those "Hulk wins cus he's the strongest one there is" threads...

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Default Re: Hulk vs

1. Thor win
2. Red Hulk win
3. Gladiator win
4. The Thing win
5. Silver Surfer lose
6. Superman 50/50
7. Flash (Wally West) win
8. Nova Prime win
9. Colossus win
10. Wonder Woman win

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