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Default Re: What would you like to see in the movie?

Now that I think about it, I would be pretty sick to see a R-rated TMNT movie! But it's very unlikely. PG-13 is the maximum they'll go. But it would still be pretty sick!

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Default Re: What would you like to see in the movie?

What I would like do is a sweeping epic origin film in three acts all Batman Begins and Amazing Spiderman.

Act 1 : Takes place in Japan and focuses on Yoshi's Nijitsu training,the formation of the foot clan, the Love triangle between Yoshi, his great love, and Shiki. After the murder of Yoshi at the hands of Shiki, to which Yoshi is wrongly accussed , he comes to America

Act 2 : Yoshi in New York, the ooze with the baby turtles, Yoshi becoming splinter and training the turtles in the ways of Nijitsu. Yoshi comes to America penniless and broken. He has nothing to live for until the baby turtles give him a new purpose.

Act 3 : The turtles are 14 we seem them forming an uneasy alliance. Their distinct emerging personalities clash. Don is the tech/hacker one who feels out of place among his brothers, Mich is the one who's hardest to trian because its hard for him to take anything seriously and just wants to party with humans. Leo is a bit reluctant to take up the position of leader but at the same time feels its his job to "keep the famiy together". Raf restlessness is compounded by the fact that he likes a girl from a far but can't be with her because he's a turtle, in addition to feeling isolated from the world. As a result his angst that we all know about begins to show itself

The TMNT aren't the team we know just yet . They're still working out the kinks, making mistakes, and haven't quite learned to work together as a unit as opposed to seperate warriors.

However , they have to learn as the foot clan begins to emerge in New York and they are becoming a major criminal enterprise. Shreadder is the faceless leader who controls things from behind the scenes. In front the foot clan is led by a lovely yet deadly female ninja who may have connections to Yoshi's past.

In the end , they survive their first major challenge and place a major dent in the footclan. Word begins to spread across the bronx of these mysterious creatures and the story is given to a young post grad blogger April O'Neil. These reports also force the mysterious leader of the foot, the Shreadder to leave Japan and come to the United States.

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Default Re: What would you like to see in the movie?

I just want Ninja turtles 4.
Fighting Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady. The Technodrome should be in there too.
Jim Henson suits, touched up with CGI. I like the suits. It adds to it that you're seeing something that someone made, that's not just painted onto the screen. Really, to me the suits are as live action as you can get.
And I want the film to take place in the early nineties. The era is a large part of the turtles character. The lingo they use and the colourful grungy vibe of their surroundings are all both integral to their characters and to the time period.
No more shredder- he had two movies, and died twice already. I want to see Krang in his ugly fat guy in red underwear suit.
And lets get some robots that leo and Raph can stab and hack through.

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