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Mr. Dent
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Default Captain America 3 = Cap's Kooky Quartet?

So I was thinking about how Cap 2 leads directly into AOU and how Cap 3 is the movie coming immediately after it (not counting Ant-Man). Cap is basically the bridge between the Avengers films and a lot of elements and things in the Avengers films will be picked up directly in Cap's next film as well continuing the Winter Soldier storyline from Cap 2. Well, going along that thought process, I thought what exactly is Cap going to be doing post-AOU with SHIELD destroyed and the Avengers as the only line of defense against HYDRA? I assume Cap 3 will continue the storyline of them hunting down HYDRA, but they can't have ALL the Avengers in Cap 3...otherwise it would just be basically an Avengers movie, but at the same time they can't pass it off as SHIELD helping Cap do his work since, well, you know.

Then I remembered, all we've been hearing about AOU is that there will be a major roster shift, from not only people like Drew McWeeny but also Feige himself who repeatedly points out the shifting roster in the comics every time he talks about the movie. Drew McWeeny mentioned that the end of AOU would leave the Avengers team very different than the one we knew from the first film, almost to the point of breaking them up. So, with that in mind, what if, at the end of AOU Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow all end up quitting the Avengers (like in the comics) and the only members left are Cap, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye? Cap's kooky quartet from the comics. Cap 3 will then pick up from where AOU left off, and those 4 will be the team continuing the fight against HYDRA and are basically a bootleg Avengers squad for the movie?

This makes sense on a multitude of levels. First of all, it obviously addresses the issue I brought up with Cap basically being tethered to the Avengers post-Cap 2 without having to bring in the heavy hitters because they won't be on the team. Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye are all the equivalent of Black Widow; they're Avengers but they're not going to steal the spotlight or make the movie seem like Avengers in all but name. Second, one of the great things about Cap 2 is how seamlessly it connects with and affects the MCU without being drowned in it like IM2, just because of the nature of the story and Cap's character. There are obviously several characters from the first Avengers film in the movie that all fit into the plot. This can also be the case with the kooky quartet. Third, it allows for further development and exploration of the twins and Hawkeye post-AOU. They're not getting their own movies, and while they'll surely be fleshed out in AOU, there will probably still be much more to explore. Having them in Cap 3 is a great way to do that without having to wait 3 years for the next Avengers film or longer, since fighting Thanos will probably take precedent over exploring the characters again. And again, it just makes sense for them to stay with Cap since they will likely have no where else to go, similar to how he was at the end of the first Avengers film. Having Hawkeye in it just makes sense as a way to make up for the lack of an appearance in solo phase 2 films.

Now, the only downside to this is how it could affect characters introduced in Cap 2 that should have a bigger role and their stories progressed in Cap 3, like Sharon Carter, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Crossbones. Having the twins+Hawkeye will probably chew away screen time from them, but it depends on the type of story they're crafting.

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Default Re: Captain America 3 = Cap's Kooky Quartet?

I definitely like the idea of Cap 3 featuring Hawkeye, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch. While I understand the apprehension of shunting aside existing supporting players, I think that the core Avengers team needs more of a build-up especially since they aren't going to headline their own movies. I do think it's possible to include them without sacrificing too many of the supporting players though. I don't think it would be a stretch to see Cap, Sharon, Hawkeye, Falcon, QS & SW up against a roster of villains like Zemo, Strucker (depending on what happens in AOU), Crossbones & Sin as they attempt to rebuild HYDRA. You could even use Sharon as an extra field commander in case you'd need the heroes to split up - something like Cap/Falcon/SW and Sharon/Hawkeye/QS.

Now without having seen TWS and knowing exactly where that leaves Bucky, I can imagine that him staying out of the action with some soul-searching would be an acceptable way to limit his involvement. You could still make him a central figure (but reduce his screentime) in the plot though - maybe the heroes need to seek him out since he has some information about a MacGuffin that HYDRA is after and that's how he ties in to this movie.

Sure, having all those characters in one film may limit some character progression, but allowing them to interact on-screen would at least give us some of that through team-building. Is that too much of an Avengers-lite scenario though? Even if it feels that way, do people care as long as Cap is the centerpiece? Maybe after seeing TWS I'll come up with some kind of treatment for a Cap 3 movie to expand on these thoughts.

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Default Re: Captain America 3 = Cap's Kooky Quartet?

That's a cool idea. The only problem is it might feel too much like an avengers movie and steal the thunder from Cap and his usual rooster of allies, and after TWS he's gonna have a few returning as it is. That said perhaps we could see Cap and his Kooky Quartet as kind of a bookend for the story? Perhaps an opening action scene unrelated to the main story so that the meat of the story would be Cap and his allies but also allowing to showcase and acknowledge that Cap is now just part of but hopefully leader of the Avengers. Then perhaps have Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye appear if needed or necessary but for the most part it should be and standalone Cap film if it's gonna be Cap 3.

As for the idea of seperate non Avenger team up films, HELL YES!! The more the better if possible. If they are going to do a Cap and his kooky quartet it should be it's own film. And I would be there to see it of course. I'd also like to see some other team ups like and Iron man/Captain America crossover under a Tales of Suspense banner. I'd like to see stuff like that, maybe perhaps not till phase 4. They could double up some of the regulars who have their own trilogies under their belt to free up more room for new properties, characters, team movies, etc.

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