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Default X-men First Class sequel: Are they trying to avoid the radical issues of the 60's???

It would seem the government opposition to women's rights, minority rights, gay rights, and counter-culture peace activist would be perfect for an analogy of a sentinel program used to stop a mutant agenda from spreading.

The late 60's is probably the height of the battle against government oppression of people with different sex, race or political view in America, so why completely avoid it?

Isn't that where the concept for the X-men comics came from??? What's wrong with making that connection obvious to the audience?

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Default Re: X-men First Class sequel: Are they trying to avoid the radical issues of the 60's

They kinda dealt with that in FC with Beast and Mystique as much as they could in FC. Until they have the public find out about mutants I dont think they can really touch on it more without force feeding a message.

Once the public does find out about mutants they have the perfect opportunity to go into all the civil rights stuff. Im pretty sure regardless of if they do FC2 or DOFP, the story would focus on the publics discovery on mutants/wide spread hate leading into Sentinles or other means of Eradication.

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Default Re: X-men First Class sequel: Are they trying to avoid the radical issues of the 60's

I don't know. I hope not -- ya know? Malcolm X/MLK Jr., feminism, the Stonewall Riots. The United States had a sociological makeover. That's PLENTY of solid material for the sequel.

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