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Default Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

As most know, Sharon carter is a relative (in some way)to Peggy Carter and she is a potential new love interest for Steve Rogers.

What do you expect to see with her character in the next film?
What are your hopes?

I personally hope to see her play a big role in dealing with the superhuman registration act that we may see by the end of avengers: age of ultron.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Sharon was initially a supporter of the Superhuman Registration Act. She was averse to actually aiding in the capture of her lover, Captain America, who is the leader of the "Secret Avengers" opposed to the Act.
At the same time, it was also revealed that she is in some way an unknowing pawn of the Red Skull and his associate Doctor Faustus.
Steve Rogers is shot by a sniper on his way up the steps to the Federal Court.
In the ensuing crowd chaos, he is shot three times in the abdomen with a pistol, and later appears to die of his injuries.
It is later revealed that the plan was orchestrated by the Red Skull; the sniper was Crossbones, and Sharon Carter.

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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

Maybe she acts as an inside informant for Cap since she's with the CIA.

Considering they didn't have much of a relationship by the end of Winter Soldier, it will be hard to see them getting full-on into a relationship. If its Civil War, ultimately Captain America will have to die. I don't know.

I will be disappointed if they developed their relationship off-screen, but in a Civil War movie, there may not be a choice.

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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

I think the deck is staked against her.

She'll already be resented for not being Peggy or Natasha. Once it becomes apparent that she's Peggy's niece, she'll be perceived as a lazy rehash.

To be honest, Considering Tony Stark's involvement, I wonder how much Cap's actual supporting cast will be focused on.

Sharon, least of all, since this is her first appearance where people are going to remember her.

Assuming Natasha isn't involved, I'm sure she'll be in the movie to an extent, because all comic book movies need one (and often just one) major female character, but with Tony Stark, possibly Civil War, you run into the same "reasons" why she was underused in Cap2.

There just might not be time to show why they're falling in love, and to deal with the relationship to Peggy in a way that doesn't alienate the audience.

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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

Idk I really feel as that carter is the only option for a female lead with the next film.
I doubt they will use black widow again bc
1. That would basically be the same movie all over again and
2. This isn't an avengers movie, with tony stark being involved that would be one to many avengers to be considered a captain America movie.

I think the best thing to do is to give the character a new look(bc she is boring AF) start off the movie with an insinuation of the characters having a growing friendship, perhaps mention some off screen side missions the two have shared and dedicate a little time here and there to show a growing romantic interest.

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C'mon Son
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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

I hope Carter is the next love interest/has a bigger role in the next film but as Bull said above the deck is stacked against her.

She also already has a full time tv gig on Revenge which Im sure will damper how often/much she can film because she's the main character

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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

The easiest way to do it would be to have another "Cap and co team." But this time, it's Cap, Falcon, Sharon, and maybe Hawkeye (seriously, give Renner more to do Marvel). And then develop her and Cap's relationship in that setting (seriously they set it up at the end of TWS, it'd be a shame to just not follow up on that). But if they're going to have RDJ in this movie, and do CW, then I think that there's a possibility that a lot of side characters might get lost in the shuffle. Falcon could fall victim to this as well.

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Default Re: Sharon carter A.K.A. Agent 13

I wouldn't mind her just being in it as she was the last time. I think they missed the boat with her character.

Unlike in the comics where their relationship is an on and off one for half a century her only thematic interest as a character in films dealing potentially with the Civil War is for her to be the particularly brutal end game in murdering Steve. If that happens on screen there's no amount of writing or romantic build up of Sharon that's going to make people think he wouldn't have been better off with that girl from accounting or the ring in her nose, alone or with Sam. Forget living up to Peggy, she'll become the the anti-Peggy.

The end scene in TWS is I think the lone narrative clunker in the movie. Because they hadn't set her up enough as a potential romantic interest (understandable when she started in the script as some nameless agent until they decided to call her Agent 13) they need for Natasha (who was set up well to become a romantic interest even if not intended) tell Steve she's a good person and to call her. That's basically the writers and director saying, in case you forgot and you probably did because it was rather forgettable - this is the woman Steve is supposed to really like and later get together with because aha she's really Sharon Carter! The ultimate tell not show.

The last onscreen interaction between Steve and Sharon is his seeing her come out of Pierce's office and his brusque and dismissive "neighbor" for her spying on and lying to him.

They can't even do the develop a relationship off screen between movies thing because that's when Steve would find out she was related to Peggy and that's burying the dramatic lead in the margins. Unless of course he never finds out her last name or makes any mental connection because Peggy never mentioned her in 2-4 years of visits and Sharon lies to him about it and that would be awful. Worse if they were entered a romantic relationship already. I guess if she had a small role in AOU they could cover some of this ground before Cap 3.

When you compare and contrast her intro to Falcon's it's really a poor setup. You believe in the friendship between Steve and Sam by the end of the movie and you know they'll be working together and be friends between movies so when Sam reappears the bond will even be stronger.

In the end it looks like Steve's main romantic relationship will be his lost in war and time one with Peggy. His friendships are going to be overarching relationships in these movies, Bucky, Sam, Natasha and maybe even Tony. But then Thor's main overarching relationship is with Loki, not with Jane who unlike Sharon has actually been established in multiple films with screen time.

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