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Default Re: The SHHFFL X Season...

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Out of curiosity, why do we allow a banned member to remain in the league? I ask not out of bitterness over Alex's win (joking aside, congrats, kid) but rather genuine curiosity. This is supposed to be a league for SHH members and getting into this league is already competitive enough (we have a waiting list). Why reserve a spot for someone who is no longer a part of the Hype when it can go to someone who is actually part of this community and can participate in a full capacity (ie, post, trash talk and bull **** with us in this thread)? I think it is something we should at least talk about if not vote on over the offseason (after we sort out the mess that is our QB scoring system! ).

I've never given it much thought... truthfully... I think he was banned for having 10 infractions... which seems like a piss poor reason for him being gone...

I agree that nobody can trash talk with him... and I think we all have a good laugh about him winning is because he had this sad sack image about him when he did post... especially when he tried to trash talk... it was like a 5 year old standing up to gangsta teenagers...

And finally... say what you want, but at least Alex is a player in this league.. he makes trades, he swaps players, he PAYS attention to his team... I'd rather have a player like that than a poster that gives up after a 1-6 start...

Admittedly, I lost this week because I forgot I had the 7th place game to play... and had three players that were out...

We have a few months to discuss it... though I'm more curious wht Alex can't sign up as a new poster? Or would he be banned (again) because of a silly infraction amount?

Just curious...

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Default Re: The SHHFFL X Season...

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Commissioner! Our league cannot allow this to happen. I request, nay, DEMAND an asterisk be put by this championship on the grounds that Poe didn't really prep his roster due to him being out of town (left injured players in and everything).
Damn it, I knew I was messed up the opportunity to win the title

I just got back from being in India for 3 weeks...Had a great run after starting the season 0-5...Damn that is insane, if I won the Championship it would have been something.

In any case, congrats to the banned Alex...Who ahem is no longer with us for a few years now but seems to beat us in SHH FFL.

Looking forward to next season where I hope I dont start 0-4 or 0-5 again. Great season everyone

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