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Default Adam Warlock

They've already focused on his cocoon, it's burst and he's linked to the Soul Gem.

Between now and Infinity War Thanos will acquire it.

Out of the 5 movies of Phase 3 that precede it this is the one that makes most sense to introduce it.

Guaranteed he'll show up in this movie and at least be the subplot, so who do you cast, what do you keep from comic canon and in what way do the Guardians cross paths with him?

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Default Re: Adam Warlock

They will probably bump into the collector again who mentions he had two gems (Aether and Warlock) but one of them escaped after the blast, Guardians are like "dafuq?" Collector explains the embodiment of the soul stone is a living being named Adam warlock, villain=Korvac/Thanos after Warlock and maybe the Aether as well in one shot, Korvac dies in final battle, Thanos gets the Aether but Warlock escapes and joins the guardians.

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Old 11-04-2014, 07:05 PM   #3
Keyser Soze
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Default Re: Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock is, for me, the most essential addition to the cast they could make for the sequel. I really hope we see him. He could even work as the villain of the film in his Magus form, tie it into the Universal Church of Truth.

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Default Re: Adam Warlock

.... I just hope he has a distinct personality and an updated outfit. And the gold skin look has to be finessed just right or it will look goofy. Maybe have him be mostly covered up with close-cropped hair.

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Default Re: Adam Warlock

I actually hope that Adam Warlock is the villain of the sequel up until the end because I can't really think of who else the villain could be in the second film. Ronan was a good choice for the first film even though the didn't quite do the character justice, but Warlock could be a good villain for the 2nd.

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Default Re: Adam Warlock

Cillian Murphy please!

He's not necessarily opposed to blockbuster film franchises (The Dark Knight, Tron: Legacy). And he could definitely hold his own as the lead villain. At least as well as Ronan. But how many films would he be willing to sign on for? Hmm...

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Chris B
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Default Re: Adam Warlock

I still think Jude Law would be a good choice. Perhaps Ewan McGregor as well.

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Sir Hunter Rider
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Default Re: Adam Warlock

Hope Warlock is in for the sequel and plays a part in Infinity War.

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Default Re: Adam Warlock

How about Alexander Skarsgård?

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