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X Knight
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Default Re: Elder Scrolls V - Part 6

ok, a question for you guys who are more knowledgeable about the story/lore of Skyrim.......

there's that one quest in Whiterun, where those Redguard mercs ask you to look for a Redguard woman. She's a lady in the inn called Saadia, and if you talk to her, she claims that the mercs are assassins ( sent by the Dominion ) out to get her and asks you to kill the merc leader for her.

Initially, I agreed to help her, but after reading online, it seems that when you confront the merc leader, he claims that Saadia betrayed Hammerfell for the Dominion and they want to bring her back to Hammerfell for justice.

there seems to be conflicting opinion online about which side is telling the truth, with compelling arguments on both sides........

for those of you here who are familiar with the backstory and lore, especially in regards to Redguards and Hammerfell, which side makes the strongest argument?

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Samwise Gamgee
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Default Re: Elder Scrolls V - Part 6

I don't know much lore so I'm not exactly what you were looking for but here's what I did:

I felt conflicted on this quest so, with my main, I just roll played my character as a sucker for a pretty face and I sided with the girl.

As an alternate character I played a more sinister Argonian for a while. I turned the girl in for easy money. Then when the Redguard leader was walking away with his prisoner, I stabbed him in the back to get whatever else he had on him. Rather than thanking me for the eventual rescue, the girl attacked me for initially turning her in so I had to kill her too.

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Default Re: Elder Scrolls V - Part 6

This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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