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Default If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

If Sony gave you the chance to make a Director's Cut of The Amazing Spiderman, what would you change and keep in the "final cut?"

Even though I really liked the first movie, it did have flaws (and I can understand if people didn't like the movie). Now that the sequel came out, I think we can now have ideas what the first movie could've been. Yes, that means you can make fun of it too :P

Anyways, here's my two cents:

Things I would keep:

-The Cast: I don't care what anyone has to say, I LOVED the casting for this movie. Say what you will haters, but they were they were the Micheal Keatons of Spiderman..... Though, maybe Logan Lerman might be a good replacement for Peter :P
-The Setting/Atmosphere: I thought they did a really good job at creating the setting that feels comic bookey. Plus, it feels like a city.
-The Music: Even though I only liked about two of the musics and thought it was overall average, I think it did a decent job of fitting in the scenes when it played.
-The Action/Cinematography scenes: Loved it. It's amateur Spiderman and it shows.
-The overall story: I feel that for a reboot, this is a best place to start to tell the story of Spiderman.

As I said before, there were indeed flaws inside the movie. Some of the ones I will point out are things that several other people have stated. Here are my.... Penny on what I would change:

Things I would change:

-The way Peter gets his powers: You guys knows what I'm saying. I think it would be more compelling if Peter went to Oscop as a field trip with his classmates. Instead of Peter just happening to come across his dad's stuff... Yeah.
-The Peter and Gwen relationship: I think an interesting development is if Gwen and Peter didn't go to the same school together. It'd be different and give an interesting love story.
-Giving Connors a family: You know it, I know it, EVERYONE knows it. This movie is PERFECT for introducing the idea of Connors being divorced and having a son. His son SHOULD'VE appeared the moment Peter came to his house. An overall story arc of his son being bruised from bullying and Connors' studies made him realize how blind he was in a "world with weaknesses." Connors would've drive it home if he made a speech when Peter confronts him in his lab:

Connors: You know Peter, I have a feeling that this world will change for the better.... One without weaknesses.... And no one would be alone.... Not even you.

In fact, it'd be a really nice reference if that boy in The Amazing Spiderman 2 was Connors' son
-Design changes: I liked the first suit from the movie, but I would make it less complicated... Lizard on the other hand, just go ahead and look at the concept art in google. That would've infinitely been cooler to see on the big screen.
-The Lizard character: I think it would've more interesting if the Lizard was more instinctive and didn't say anything. Now when people say it here, some don't give much of a reason why. It is BECAUSE you can take away Lizard's dialogue that nothing would be at a loss. Only one of Lizard's lines was ever responded to. It's okay to try to make a complex villain for most movies. But in the case of certain Spiderman villains, let alone a Spiderman film, this wasn't the answer....
-Have the mysterious man appear more: What if HE was the one to convince Connors on what he did benefitted humanity? It would link up to the future sequels and give a better understanding to his character. It would've been very mysterious if he only spoke to Connors in voice in the sewer scene, rather than appearing in person. And it would make the prison scene very effective. You know, instead of the Jekyll and Hyde thing.... What Jekyll and Hyde thing?
-Add more scenes to connect: I think there were transitions that confused some people.... I can see why.
-Show the fate of a certain someone: Ratha. Should've killed him or have him appear in the sequel
-Have Peter and Gwen stay broken up: Not every hero stays in a relationship. I feel that Sony and everyone associated with the movie shot themselves in the foot with this. I haven't watched the sequel yet, but I heard that there's quite a bit of Peter breaking up and going back to Gwen. There's nothing wrong with love, but when you put the predecessor with the sequel, it's gonna be tedious. In fact, if some of it were cut, it would sound like we would've gotten better villain development and none of that Ghost Stacy Metal Gear Solid bull****...
-Have better connection to the sequel: This is cheating, but I'm gonna do it anyway :P Had Sony realize that it's Spiderman sooner, they probably would've taken more risks and probably the majority of what I've stated.

I think there were more, but I would like to get the ones that I feel would've benefited the movie big time.

So, what would you change?

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

The main thing I would change is the stupid plot of the giant lizard trying to spray gas all over the city. Honestly I think the main problem would be the tone. TASM2 achieves that better IMO, because a lot of the movie is more comic book-y and so the "silly" things doesn't stick out as much. In TASM1 the tone is darker and more realistic, and it makes a giant lizard stick out so much more.

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

I think the more grounded tone that the movie was going for isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I would try my best to keep that tone to breathe some new life into Spidey (after the previous trilogy). If Sony was going to do a reboot after the Raimi films so soon, then I'd say that the more "grounded" tone would be the best way to go. It makes the movies different from the previous ones!

You know what I would change, though? Almost everything else. I'd do away with the parents plot, I'd do away with Peter being unlikable, and I'd give the Lizard much more of a backstory so that the audience could connect with him (I'd also change his motivations, as that has become a big criticism towards the first TASM). I would also change that god-awful character design he had.

Actually, with the Lizard, I would have not made him talk while in the monster form. Make him more animal-like, in my opinion. I think that The Spectacular Spider-Man did this extremely well, and I would handle that character in a very similar way in a movie.

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

Originally Posted by Leenie View Post
I'd give the Lizard much more of a backstory so that the audience could connect with him (I'd also change his motivations, as that has become a big criticism towards the first TASM).
I feel like the Connors character had a lot going for him.... But also not having much going on... I don't know how movie developers screwed that up :/

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

Pretty much everything. There were some bright spots to be sure- the cast is fantastic (not always utilized to their full potential but fantastic nonetheless), also the practical effects in the chase sequences (Peter fighting the thugs and the car thief chase).

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

I wouldn't. I love how the movie turned out. Maybe fix the suit like they did in TASM2 but that would be all. I loved it. Plain and simple.

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

I would have liked to see Connors' son or his family dynamic. However, like Dominikkus said, I loved this movie and I'm content with it as it stands. I loved the ASM2 costume however I liked the ASM1 design also, it worked for this film IMO.

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Default Re: If you were to remake The Amazing Spiderman

Change the Lizards design and give him more of a family story. Would have made his downfall much more sympathetic.

There's also a few other scenes I would have done away with. Like the football scene where he bends the goal post.

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