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Default How to update Cap's Villains?

We see Red Skull and Arnim Zola.. in the first film--

but what about the contemporary villains--

Machinesmith, Batroc, Flag Smasher, Crossbones, Sin, Master Man, Grand Director, Anti-Cap, Serpent Squad, Porcupine, Armadillo, Watchdogs..

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Default Re: How to update Cap's Villains?

Batroc and Crossbones are in Cap 2.

Anyway, Cap 1 was about World War II, Cap 2 is about a government cover-up. Cap 3 should be about Captain America fighting against some sort of terror plot. I feel that Sin, Viper or Zemo could lead a reformed Hydra. That or it should be about the Serpent Society being hired to kill Captain America after he decides to poke his nose around Roxxon's dirty laundry.

Alternately, I could see Doctor Faustus being the head of a European far-right populist party who has connections to terrorism but tries to hide it and thus finds himself at odds with Captain America.

Regardless, having Cutthroat as a mook and Diamondback be a defector who joins SHIELD would be a welcome addition if they go with any of the above. If for whatever reason Marve hates Diamondback, then they can at least bring in Flag Smasher as a lone wolf terrorist.

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