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Red Mask
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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Whose story are we telling here?

If there's one thing you can learn from Game of Thrones is this important lesson:

All Men Betray

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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
Perfect, easy, way to have Mar-Vell, Carol, and have them both be Captain Marvel and have a love story in the film. Follow a similar storyline as Terminator.
Instead of being a soldier from the future sent to the past to stop a robot Mar-Vell can be a Kree soldier who comes to Earth to stop/outrun a renegade Kree invasion. And instead of Sarah Conner being the future mother he must protect, its Carol and she doesn't need protection because she is a SHIELD/SWORD agent who sees it as her duty to stop the invasion.
I don't think there would need to be a love story at all, but a friendship would be great. A true friendship forged in the heat of battle/while running from the Kree.
He dies while saving the Earth and gives his powers to Carol who becomes Captain Marvel in the last half of the film.

(As an added bonus we can have Yon-Rogg (?) leading the renagade Kree soldiers who are after Mar-Vell for fathering a child with a Skrull princess. That way we could leave the door open for Teddy/Hulkling of the Young Avengers to one day show up.)
Actually wouldn't mind this at all. It would cut into Carol as Ms a Marvel time but it could potentially be a really good set up. Love the added potential Teddy/Hulkling feature.

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Default Re: Ms. Marvel in the works? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
If I always agree with you, and never find fault with you, will you stop calling me a whiner, or is there some other way? For your webducation, Shipping is the practice of supporting to the point of campaigning for an otherwise non-existent fictional couple. It's less 'they'll probably put these people together' and more of 'I have an idea: they should put these two people together!' It can be annoying if taken to excess, and usually finds its power in the assembly of groups of like-minded shippers, so when you see a hug between your two favorites, there's a bunch of people to say "Yeah, I saw it too... they're totally boinking!"

Regardless, I don't mind talking about how bad such a limited crossover of otherwise unrelated properties could be, but I'd rather talk about a relationship that would occur within her film, as opposed to not giving her a romantic arc in her film in order to accommodate another film's romantic arc.

Heck, make it Simon Williams!

I personally would rather play out the whole thing with Mar-Vell and after he dies she's on that 'never love again' stuff. And while doing the role reversal at the beginning of the film is nice, I'd much more enjoy the role reversal at the end, after being earned.
Well you don't need to agree with me. Ever, in fact.

But here you are posting in a forum about a non-existent superhero film not only disagreeing with one person's abstract ideas about a film that may or may never come to pass, but complaining about that person's decision to attempt to discuss them with, not you, but other people.

Compare that to just throwing those ideas out there. Which is what I was doing.

But now you've got me arguing my right to post in a forum about abstract plot devices of a non-existent superhero film because someone thinks that it's unfortunate that "that's where we are at in Earth's history."

I mean... whatever floats your boat, but it would've saved some time just ignoring me.

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