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Default The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

Some interesting questions

-Why cast a 6'5 Batman with a 5'9 Batman?
-Jay Baruchel as anybody?

Does anybody have any pictures or descriptions of the suits?

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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

I would love more info on this film, I know if you google it you can find a really long script review. I have to agree I don't get a 6'5 Batman way too big, if anyone should be 6'5 its Superman.


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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

Armie Hammer gave an interview to about Justice League Mortal
You’ve really blown up in the last year but this could’ve happened even earlier. You were working on Justice League with George Miller. Did you get a taste of this back then if that movie had gone?
I hate to say it, but thankfully it didn't because I probably wouldn't have been ready for anything then. I didn't have the head on my shoulders that I feel I do now. Hopefully I'll say the same thing five years from now. Hopefully I'm always learning more and stuff like that, but had it happened then, like looking back and knowing what I knew then I wouldn't have been ready for it. I wouldn't have been able to handle it. It's a lot at twenty five years old to be playing the title character of a movie where the budget is humongous and it has to work. That's a lot of pressure to handle at twenty five, but at the same time you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm really excited about it, like I get to do things that other twenty five years olds might not get to do. So, I'm having fun and am appreciative as much as possible.

Was the Justice League thing a good education for you as a young actor, having that big budget film not go?
Yeah, yeah. It was amazing as a young actor to even get to experience that kind of a budget. I think that they were talking about, I mean this could be hearsay, who knows, but I think the budget was close to $300 million. I don't know the specifics, but it was huge, huge to the point where I remember being down in Australia and they were just throwing money around. Just like, “Wherever the whole cast wants to go to dinner every night? Sure. Pay with this wad of cash.” It was extravagant and then to have it all fall apart was a really good reality check. It's like, “Hey, nothing in this business is real. Don't forget that.” It's like, “Oh, yeah, right, right.”

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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

It was going to end with Batman breaking the villains neck on live television(news cameras). Similar to MOS I suppose. I'm glad this never happened.

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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

It's hard to say what would have happened, the casting was obscenely weird and the script a messy mess.

But I don't see it as a "dodged bullet" necessarily. It had its share of good stuff in it... mainly the framework for the story. The OMAC Project and Tower of Babel are pretty smart choices of source material. It'd be easy to approach a JL film as formula: "Let's do this Independence Day with superheroes, alien invasion, heroes band together, big fight at the end, go!" This was instead taking the particular elements of the DC Universe - the characters' personalities, world views, etc - and creating conflict around it. No alien invasion needed. The spark of the story is Batman's paranoia, and him developing contingency plans against each member of the JL in case they should turn rogue. That's very Batman, and it inevitably pits him against the ideals of Superman and the rest of the JL. It makes it so that this is a story that can only be told with these DC characters, and it's a pretty intelligent approach to a JL movie. Also, (spoiler) Flash's death and goodbye to his wife are a total gem. That moment would have made the film.

Not to mention costumes made by Weta. Total fanboy boner at the thought. Between 2006 and 2013 there was nothing worthwhile from DC in theaters, besides the TDK trilogy (which would have kept being made regardless). This would have been something. What's funny is it probably would have created a divide between Batman fans: realistic Nolan Batman vs. more fantastical JL Batman. But I stand by it: with some work and different casting, it could have been quite cool. Not ideal, but cool enough.


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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

Australian director Ryan Unicomb is planning a documentary on the failed film, entitled Miller's Justice League Mortal. No timeline on when the documentary will be completed, let alone released.

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Default Re: The failure known as Justice League Mortal discussion thread

From when MM:FR got those insane reviews, I said we'd hear something more about JL:M based on the actual JL movie coming in a few years and the renewed interest in Miller. I'm glad to be right . This better happen because I need to see shots of the actors in costume.


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