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Default MCU after CA:TWS


So we all know what happens at the end of TWS by now. The question is, what do you guys think is going to happen to the MCu now that SHIELD is the way it is now? Where does this leave AoS?

One, I'm sure we'll finally see the Avengers being led by themselves now in A2 next year. Also, I think this may be the perfect way for more heroes to rise up now. Because SHIELD isn't around to handle everything I think heroes are going to be stepping up and coming out a lot more, especially street level. But this is really going to be the way a lot of villains rise up too.

What other things do you think is going to happen now?

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Default Re: MCU after CA:TWS

Leader and Abomination are no longer in custody.

I also predict that in Captain America 3, Zemo, Songbird, Taskmaster and Batroc will all appear as the villains.

Everyone mentioned above will join together with Loki and Blizzard to form


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Default Re: MCU after CA:TWS

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
Leader and Abomination are no longer in custody.
I doubt that just because SHIELD is disbanded, they would just set them free. Especially Abomination. They're probably still contained, but in the custody of the CIA or some such organization. Probably the same thing with The Destroyer.

But I think SHIELD will be operational again at some point. It's only Phase 2, it's too early in the game to write SHIELD out completely, not to mention the fact that we still have the TV series to contend with.

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Default Re: MCU after CA:TWS

My own guess is that SHIELD will be operational pretty quickly. . . but in a *much* more limited role for the foreseeable future. Aside from critical functions like maintaining the super prisons and vaults ( including against their own infiltrators ), they'll mainly be occupied with cleaning their own houses, so to speak.

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Default Re: MCU after CA:TWS

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I think Coulson and his team might restart SHIELD. I mean, we have a bunch of episodes of that show left! They have to do something, LOL!

But, SHIELD's state certainly changes the game. Obviously, Hydra now has Loki's staff. Might that be Red Skull's path back to Earth? Also, Zola's code will somehow be tied to Ultron's creation. I just know it. Now, SHIELD being down doesn't necessarily mean all the people they had in custody are free. They very well MIGHT be, but there is no guarantee of it.

Cap 3 can go a bunch of ways. Either Baron Zemo is main villain, Red Skull comes back, or Baron Strucker will still be at large in Cap 3 and be the formal villain. This is only prediction I will make for any of the sequels at this juncture.

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