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View Poll Results: Did you like the "revvelation" of the Clones in the Prequels?
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Default The revelation of the Clone Wars, are you glad about it?

There had allways been much interest in the Clone Wars, hwoever, when it was revealed that the clones were actually part of the Republic, many seem to have been disapointed.

Many talk about how they allways believed it had been a war against Evil Jedi Clones, or whatever, but honestly, were those ideas really better than what we got? They frankly seem very fan fictiony compared to clones used for war, yeah, the idea of them all being Jango Fett's wasn't very good, but i think the war itself felt more natural than any of the fan theories.

Sure, the writting could have been better handled, but as a whole, i think what we got was much better than what many fans wanted.

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Default Re: The revelation of the Clone Wars, are you glad about it?

They were originally all lando clone and it was a more contained affair. A lot go the prequels felt kinda fan fictiony IMO, but I've yet to hear a good fan rendition of the films either. So I guess our expectations hindered our experiences. Everyone has their own "best version" in their head.

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Default Re: The revelation of the Clone Wars, are you glad about it?

I loved the whole clones angle. It never even ocurred to me that by clone wars some thought it was against evil jedi clones LOL. Sorry, but that's just not a good idea at all imo.

I found what they did a lot more interesting. With the clones as part of the Republic it was the perfect setup to bring home the point that the Republic was destroyed inside out. And the fact that the clones were first allies (specially to the jedi) and then simply became enforcers of the Empire. Well, it just shows that ultimately they were also simply used. The bit of humanity they got came from the jedi, whom they turned against. It just all seems so tragic to me.

Plus, i loved Jango so i thought it was cool they made the clones so badass, something that was enhanced by the Clone wars cartoons . They were clones yes, but also individuals. It was fantastic seeing them as such. It just makes Order 66 all the more powerful for me.

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Default Re: The revelation of the Clone Wars, are you glad about it?

I'm with Bim. I didn't dislike Jango. I disliked the young boba actor. But having Boba, Jango, the Clones and the Stormtroopers all intertwined was intelligent in my opinion.

Evil Jedi Clones wouldve been kinda dumb. But I will agree that the mystery behind "the clone wars" after having seen Ep. IV was quite intriguing before we found out what it truly was.

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Default Re: The revelation of the Clone Wars, are you glad about it?

I was fine with what we've got. I didnt have any preconceived notion as to what Clone Wars were, even thought I did hear a lot from hardcore SW fans that it had something to do with some evil clones created by Palpatine, but it does seem apparent that the name was conceived before the actual event. Its odd that the war between the Republic and the Separatists would be called Clone Wars, just because clones are involved on one side? I would think it would be more fitting if it would be called Civil War

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