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Default Blu-Rays

I still own and watch the standard DVDs of the OT basically because I refuse to spend more money on the Blu-Ray copies. That being said, I was curious for anyone who owns the Blu-Rays, my question is are those noticeable gray boxes that surrounds the tie fighters like towards the end of A New Hope and etc. still appear on the Blu-Ray copies or was that corrected for the Blu-Ray release?

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Default Re: Blu-Rays

I'll check my set when i get home and tell you. I honestly dont remember lol. But imo the blu-ray set is fantastic. The movies have never looked so beautiful and clear.

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Default Re: Blu-Rays

They fixed some of the mattes (those grey boxes) and blended them better. They also fixed some of the lightsaber cores that looked bad in the dvds. That being said there's a lot they didn't fix and some stuff they made worse. Lucas couldn't help himself and added everything from cgi rocks that disappear from one shot to the next to Vader screaming Noooooooooooo!!! while he throws the Emperor down the reactor shaft. Here's a list of the new changes:

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

There are computer-generated rocks in front of R2-D2 while he’s hiding in the canyon; however, they’re “magically not there” after he comes out of hiding
Obi-Wan’s fake “Krayt Dragon” roar is once again altered and it sounds “hideous”; keep the mute button at the ready
Greedo shoots first – again – but this time with slightly fewer frames than the previous release
Luke’s lightsaber while training on the Millennium Falcon is back to being “white” and “blue” as it was originally – it is no longer pale green, per the 2004 DVD release
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Flames have been added to the probe droid crater
Most of the blue tint on Hoth is gone
The Wampa arm is “fixed” — whatever that means — but it’s still imperfect
R2-D2’s once black panels are now blue in space
A la the DVD release, Emperor Palpatine – via hologram – is still played by Ian McDiarmid in his Revenge of the Sith makeup
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The static shot of C3PO and R2-D2 approaching Jabba’s palace has been replaced by a “wide pan with a huge door”; the door is now peppered with laser blast impacts
Han Solo’s “carbonite thaw” is now CGI
A computer-generated “Dug” from the prequels (Sebulba, the evil racer who podraced Anakin in The Phantom Menace, was a dug) is seen walking across the screen after Luke infiltrates Jabba’s palace; the dug looks “really fake, like it was [added at the] last minute”
Wicket the Ewok now has computer-generated, blinking eyes
Darth Vadar says “No” several times as he picks up Emperor Palpatine and tosses him into the Death Star reactor core; the “Nos” seem to be sampled from The Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith, respectively.

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