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Default New Canon EU General Discussion

I figure since there is no new books coming out until September 4th (Aftermath) I figure I would look back at the first year of new EU, under Disney's leadership.

To sum it up briefly, I've been very impresed. There has been a few shortfalls but overall the new canon is quite entertaining.

So I figure I would give a little review on each one of these.


Star Wars: A New Dawn

A very fitting title for the new extended universe, and quite an enjoyable book. I would rank this the third out of the five books released so far. A New Dawn is just a great adventure from start to finish. Though the middle slogs a little bit, overall it was an entertaining book that gave a great look into some of the new characters of Star Wars: Rebels.

Highs: Just a solid Star Wars Adventure. Kanan is a great character, and seeing his complex arch from denying his Jedi ways to slowly embracing it was great.

Lows: The middle sagged a bit.

Overall: A great first adventure to enter into this new era of Star Wars.


Star Wars: Tarkin

A book that lets us enter the mind of one of the most icy administrators in the Emperor's fold. This great novel takes us into the world of the new Galactic Empire as well as see how a "relationship" of respect forms between Vader and Tarkin.

Highs: Really interesting insight into the Empire itself, its vastness and some of the troubles the Emperor is facing. Tarkin was more complex than I originally thought. I figured he would be a one note character, but far from it.

Lows: The overall story itself was good, but not extremely engaging.

Overall: With great characterization and insight into the heart of the Empire, Tarkin is an enjoyable read.


Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi

A small adventure following Luke Skywalker shortly after A New Hope. This book is all from Luke's perspective. Sadly a weak story keeps this book back from being great. Though it does have an interesting insight into young Luke and his desire to become a Jedi. More importantly the author does an amazing job capturing the tone of older EU from the 90's and 70's. Which is rare.

Highs: Incredible "tone". The way the author describes everything just feels right, and very "Star Warsy" harkins back to some of the great EU novels of the 90's and Brian Daley's work on his Han Solo stories in the late 70's. It just captures the voice of Star Wars. Some interesting insight to Luke and how he starts to learn to use the Force.

Lows: Just a weak story. It really feels like little happens of importance. And really its because nothing does. It was just kind of a small side adventure for Luke.

Overall: If you love Luke a lot (like me) I would recommend this book. But otherwise I would say skip this one.


Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

A great book from more of the perspective of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself Darth Vader. This book follows an uprising on Ryloth and a plan to try to kill Palpatine and Vader. This book is exciting from beginning to end, and really has great insight into Vader himself.

Highs: Just a great story, great characters, and just captures the voice of Vader perfectly. Just hard to put down.

Lows: Very little, just small nitpicks.

Overall: A truly great Star Wars tale, and one I would recommend to everyone.


Star Wars: Dark Disciple

We follow two Clone War favorites Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress. Vos is sent to try to convince Ventress to help the Jedi kill Dooku and end the war. This book is wonderful. It truly ties up lose ends and really gives insight into the reasoning behind the fall of the Jedi and all they hold dear.

Highs: A truly emotional tale, especially near the end. To see Vos and Ventress' relationship grow was just very well done. The ending was sad but fufilling at the same time.

Lows: Some parts you can almost tell where the "episode break" was. Since these were like six episodes put together in one book. But it's hardly noticeable.

Overall: This is a book I highly recommend to anyone that has seen all of The Clone Wars. If you have not seen The Clone Wars this may just seem like an okay book. To truly get the full emotional punch and effect one needs to see TCW. But to those that are fans of the show, you will love this book.



Star Wars

This line of comics lets us follow the continuing adventures of Luke Skywalker and his friends Princess Leia and Han Solo. Truly a great comic line that "feels" so much like Star Wars. They get almost every thing right.

Highs: Just an incredible extension to the events of A New Hope. The art the writing all fits and feels like classic Star Wars.

Lows: Maybe just small nitpicks. Nothing big.

Overall: A superb re-entry for Marvel. Out of all of the comic lines this one is my favorite.


Star Wars: Darth Vader

I was skeptical at first about this run, but it truly has been one of the best. Some of the best comic artowrk I've seen done of the dark lord. And truly an interesting story as Darth Vader attempts to redeem himself after his failure at the Battle of Yavin.

Highs: No comic book artist has done so well bringing Vader to life. It feels as if you are watching a film. They capture the voice of Vader perfectly. An interesting story of revenge and betrayal.

Lows: Not many, again just nitpicks.

Overall: A superb addition to a story that actually connects with the main Star Wars line. It gives us insight to Vader and his struggles after A New Hope.


Star Wars: Princess Leia

After A New Hope Leia goes on a quest to save as many of the remaining citizens of Alderaan spread across the galaxy. This is sadly the weakest comic line so far. However it is still enjoyable, but not great.

Highs: Some of the plot points were interesting the later issues were better than the first and ended it on a better note.

Lows: The artwork just felt wrong. The early issues were not very interesting.

Overall: Sadly a weak story and sidekick made this run not as memorable. There were some great moments but overall I expected more from Waid.


Star Wars: Kanan

Order 66 has been intiated, and the surviving Jedi are on the run, including a youngling known as Kanan. We follow Kanan's early day as a young Padawan and running from the people he once stood beside.

Highs: Incredible artwork, and just an enjoyable look and insight into the glossed over version of Order 66 from Revenge of the Sith.

Lows: Not much, except small nitpicks.

Overall: A superb run, just enjoyable and interesting to see Kanan's past and how it has shaped his future.


Star Wars: Lando

The most charming smuggler in the Galaxy is back! We follow an interesting story of the underworld and how Lando went from his struggles to his path towards an administrator in the clouds.

Highs: Good artwork, and really witty/funny writing it fits Lando to a tee.

Lows: It starts "slow" in a way. And really since I'm only one issue in it's hard to tell where it will go.

Overall: A great fun adventure with the handsomest smuggler in the outer rim.


TV Series:

Star Wars Rebels (Season 1)

How did the Rebelion against the Empire form? Well we now get to follow Ezra, Sabine, Kanan, Hera and Zeb...oh and Chopper too, on an adventure of a life time. A truly great series that brings back the old school feel of Star Wars.

Highs: Great characters, artowrk and stories. The ending shows that this is just getting started. The tone and feel of Rebels is just perfect.

Lows: The first chunk of episodes really don't have a solid story line. Some of them just focus more on building characters. (not really a low). The budget is clearly lower than that of The Clone Wars. Sadly the detail in the world of Rebels is less than TCW. Hopefully that will change.

Overall: A truly great show by the experienced Dave Folini. If you love Star Wars this is a much watch. Season 2 seems to already be a massive improvement.


So far I think Disney has done a great job. None of the products released have "sucked". And most of them have been good to superb. I cannot wait to see what the end of 2015 and beyond has for us. To quote an old friend...."This is where the fun begins."

"There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark Side......and the Light." -Supreme Leader Snoke

""You can't be blinded" by the callbacks and nostalgia."-JJ Abrams

"If you donít care about the characters, nothing matters. No space ship, no explosion, no anything is important if you donít feel something for the people involved."J.J. Abrams (2/5/13)

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