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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

I want a nonquel.


"The Dark Knight Trilogy" is such a pretentious title, I'm leaning more towards "RISES: The Dark Batman Knight Begins".

That's much better.
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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

Bane/Talia prequel. That is all.

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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

A Joquel and a Benquel could be interesting

I wouldnt be opposed to a Selina Kuel either

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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

Originally Posted by GregComicFan View Post
Simple question: if tomorrow Nolan said he's going to make another Batman movie (same cast, crew, etc.) ... however, we live in a world where the "8 year gap" (the only part of TDKR I dislike) wasn't a part of TDKR and Nolan is making a prequel set in-between TDK and TDKR.

Would you rather see a film set in-between TDK and TDKR?

Or a straight-sequel to TDKR?

Let's check out the advantages to both:

Prequel set in-between TDK and TDKR:
-This would allow for further character development of Blake, Selina, and Miranda Tate. We could see a possible younger, teenage version of Blake, get a sense of his personal tragedy (dad killed, mom dead from car wreck), and his first meeting with Bruce Wayne and how he figured out Bruce/Batman were the same person. We could see Catwoman's origin. We could see how Miranda came to Gotham, her role with the Clean Energy project, and possibly plant some "hints" that she has a hidden agenda.
-We would get more of Batman as a villain (in Gotham's eyes), he's hunted by police as Gordon leads the hunts but behind-closed-doors tries to assist Batman
-We could see Bruce's depression cause him to be CONSUMED by Batman, prior to when he quits being Batman in TDKR
-And, of course, we would get another Batman's rogues gallery villain (Riddler, Penguin, etc.)
-If you want a prequel, that leaves TDKR as the ending to Bruce's journey.

Sequel to TDKR:
-Another Batman rogues gallery villain, however, this villain would threaten a Gotham that now believes Batman is a hero... and dead.
-We would have Bruce/Selina in hiding in Europe... and possibly being brought back to Gotham for a good cause. Batman/Catwoman would be allies and most likely teammates.
-Blake would become another masked vigilante (Robin? Nightwing?)
-If you want a sequel to TDKR, that means this film will have to provide the definitive conclusion to Nolan's films and Bruce's journey.

Which would you prefer seeing?

My vote is for a prequel in-between TDK and TDKR.
That's called an Interquel

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

Let me get this straight OP, you want a prequel that would directly contradict established and stated things in TDKR, and you want a sequel that decimates the hard won peace of Bruce and Kyle?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Count me the f*** in!!!

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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

If the Nolan brothers and David Goyer could come up with an angle for them to continue the story with JGL and a whole new surrounding cast I'd be all for it. Anything they did add now would be unchartered territory even for the comics (although they could still use certain storylines as a base). But Bruce's story is finished.

But picture JGL as the new Batman. Perhaps introduce Barbara Gordon as his ally/love interest. Or even bring back Juno Temple as Holly. Have new villains. It lets them continue in that universe, but makes it fresh and interesting.

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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

Definately Smallville13. For instance a Riddler, Black Mask or Penguin addition would include references to various comics that those characters belonged to, since the 70's or 80's. With Holly or Sarah Essen added, you tap into Year One elements that the Nolans neglected to mention in their trilogy.

I'm really starting to like the idea of a Catwoman prequel but done in animated form. With Hathaway voicing it. Black Mask would make an awesome villain in that case. And because he's covered up with a mask, it would be a perfect excuse for voicework. Also because Sionis is a character who may be ignored in the reboot (it's possible).

Also there's no reason why somebody can't create a graphic novel that MAYBE messes with the 8 year gap. It could even honor it (in a vague kind of way) and tell a story where Bruce goes out as the Batman for a couple of years on the low-down.

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Default Re: Sequel or Prequel?

i want a prequel of ras al ghul. i think i am the only one who does.
ras al ghul's story of who he was and how he came to be would be an epic tale. it can be like indiana jones, if indiana jones became a bad guy in the end

and a prequel with selina kyle.
selina kyle's story can be like jeph loeb's when in rome aka an interesting side story that gives her more character development and delves into her motivations.
talk about where she got her training from and what led her to gotham.


Originally Posted by Da-Scribe View Post
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