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Default Galactus - yet another realistic approach

As we know, the Fantastic Four reboot is being called "dark & gritty version", which often corresponds "realistic" (Nolanism).

Seeing how Galactus wasn't translated directly from comic to film in 2007's Rise of the Silver Surfer for realism's sake (rather showing a big cloud instead), one can only wonder how Fox will ruin this important character once again in the reboot series.

So, just for the fun of it, I was thinking about how to use Galactus again and make him even more "realistic", so he can fit the dark & gritty reboot better.

What if Galactus is actually an intergalactic rogue-organization called G.A.L.A.C.T.U.S. that exploits other planet's energy? I even came up with a full name for it:

Assembly for
Attainment of
Core energy from

Their space craft and energy-exploiting machinery would resemble Galactus' appearance from the comics. It would be a massice space ship, floating over earth!

Remember: This is not to be taken seriously I'm just trying to trigger your ideas for a new interpretation of Galactus that would fit the new series.

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Default Re: Galactus - yet another realistic approach

There's no way they do Galactus. No way, just no way.

"I will bathe the starways in your blood..."
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Default Re: Galactus - yet another realistic approach

A morbidly obese, perpetually hungry recluse who gets his minion to rob food stores to sustain his eating habits. This minion will of course be bald and have a silver getaway car, and might talk like a "surfer dude" if we are lucky.

You look upset. I like that.
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Default Re: Galactus - yet another realistic approach

He's a giant swarm of intergalactic locusts.


He doesn't destroy planets. But is really a cousin to the tooth fairy who roams the universe stealing odd socks. The fantastic 4 have to battle him after he steals Ben Grimms special sock, that he uses to masturbate. As no-one can make a sock strong enough anymore to withstand a cosmic powered ejaculation.

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