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Default Favorite Star Trek ship?

As it says in the title, what is your favorite Star Trek style ship?

For me it has to be the galaxy class starship how about yours?

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

1. Enterprise-E.
2. STO9 Enterpise.
3. The Scimitar.
4. Borg Cube.
5. Klingon Bird of Prey
6. Romulan Warbird.

Originally Posted by Jason Aaron
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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

Youre asking style of ship? If so the Klingon bird of prey but if your asking which individual ship then yea the scimitar was just badass.

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

In this order:

Enterprise 1701 Refit/A
TMP Klingon Battlercruiser
Klingon Bird-of-Prey
DS9 Defiant
The Phoenix
The T'Plana-Hath (the FC Vulcan ship)
V'Ger's ship
Borg Cube
Abrams 1701

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

I'm a big fan of the Defiant.

The Shredder? Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw.
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The Chris
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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

I really dug the updated look of the old school enterprise in the abrams films, and ive loved the enterprise-D since childhood. It crushed my seven year old self seeing it get destroyed in Generations.

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

The ship that helped make me a Trekkie. Pure greatness:


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Young Superman
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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

ST:TOS era Constitution-class USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Also this is the greatest crew in Starfleet history, and my personal favorite.

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Default Re: Favorite Star Trek ship?

I was always a fan of the Miranda class. The best thing about it is it's upgradability and the ability to switch out its pod for the situation (extra torpedos, sensor booster, additional impulse engines for maneuverability, etc.).

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