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the last son
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Default Scooby-Doo(fan idea)

I didn't know where to, post this, but, I've been wanting, to write a screenplay for a revised scooby doo. One that is very gritty and rated R. They would, be in college and and would be dealing, with paranormal murder mysteries. It would be a mystery first showing, off the teams detective skills but in a realistic manner. Think la noire meets scooby doo. It would still have comedy but mostly nostalgia sort of jokes. Would anyone be interested in that?

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Web Ninja
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Default Re: Scooby-Doo(fan idea)

The Mystery Incorporated TV show is great. It's modern, it has continuity within itself, it has amusing characters, it has nostalgia, its villains are mainly humans, it has good comedy, it has things that would only be comprehended by an older audience, it has great use of color. It's pretty much exactly what I'd ever want as an adult from Scooby Doo.

A show that has a talking dog named Scooby Doo reimagined as a dark and gritty R-rated realistic thing... I realize the live-action movies (I assume this script is for live-action?) have the reputation of sucking (I think I watched one with my then-little cousin once, who I think was the target demo) but going in the polar opposite direction is not something I'm interested in at all. Big square peg, little round hole, yadda yadda. Don't let me stop ya from writing whatever you want though. My Little Pony is also ripe for an R rated dark and gritty reboot. I kid, I kid. Happy trails.

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the last son
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Default Re: Scooby-Doo(fan idea)

This needs to happen

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Default Re: Scooby-Doo(fan idea)

You could do a lot with Scooby Doo, WB should do more with the property, but think of the backlash the studio would get if they made Scooby-Doo rated R lol

"Why does everything have to be dark and gritty"
"Hollywood is ruining my childhood"

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Iron Captain
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Default Re: Scooby-Doo(fan idea)

Well, the answer is simple: ask what would happen if some kids get involved with a criminal operation headed up by someone that dabbles in the occult. There you go. No need to be dark and gritty.

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