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Default Star Wars: Most Overrated and Underrated Characters

What characters do you find overrated in the films? Which do you find underrated?


1. Yoda - I love Yoda in ESB, but not so much in the other films. Certainly not a big fan of hopping around with a mini-saber Yoda.

2. Boba Fett - The obvious choice. He looks cool, but come on... in the films he doesn't really DO anything cool.

3. Lando Calrissian - I like Billy Dee Williams, but Lando was only really interesting in ESB... in ROTJ he doesn't do much but fly the Falcon around, and he's given no real character development. Somewhat wasted potential here.


1. Qui-Gon Jinn - Probably one of the more interesting Jedi in the prequel movies. He regularly goes against the Council's wishes? He wants to train Anakin despite the risks? He actually seems to be a wise Jedi instead of an arrogant stick in the mud? Qui-Gon is awesome! (Plus he's Liam Neeson) Too bad he bites it at the end of the first film.

2. Grand Moff Tarkin - Cold. Calculating. Can boss Vader around.

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Default Re: Star Wars: Most Overrated and Underrated Characters

Just overrated characters for now:

General Grievous - A loser and a coward. I get that he represents the "man + machine results in breathing and combat problems" of Vader, and he served his purpose to lure Obi-Wan from Anakin in ROTS, but still. Don't like him. Pretty much an 80s cartoon villain. Only thing missing is the line "Separatists, RETREEEEEAAATT!!!"

Boba Fett - At least the OT era Boba; all style, no substance. I actually liked how AOTC showed a bit of backstory, and I love how the Clone Wars animated series gave him more character and made him more effective than he ever was in the OT. That being said, I do wish they do at least one Boba Fett story (aside from the EU) post-ROTJ that shows him doing badass stuff after escaping the Sarlacc pit. That would redeem the character in my eyes.

Tarkin - It might just be me, but I felt Tarkin was pretty generic in ANH (granted, so was Vader, but we saw more of him in later films). Although the Clone Wars animated series showed his early relationship with Anakin as well as a crusade against a fugitive Ahsoka Tano, which did make me like him more.

Chewbacca - I don't dislike Chewie, but I don't really felt he contributed much compared to other characters.

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Default Re: Star Wars: Most Overrated and Underrated Characters

Boba Fett

Mace Windu

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Default Re: Star Wars: Most Overrated and Underrated Characters


C3PO- after a while the fussy droid gets tiresome.

R2D2- sometimes overused.

Padme- The whole love story with Anakin weared thin quickly.

Jabba The Hutt- Overrated character & didn't seem too imposing.

JarJar Binks- Quite simply annoying & definitely overused.


Grand Moff Tarkin- Character was killed off too soon & had potential.

Greedo- Cantina alien/bounty hunter that I liked & wish he would've lasted a bit longer.

Qui Gon Ginn- Character that had potential & killed too soon.

Darth Maul - Perhaps could've been used in a sequel

Count Dooku- Much more entertaining than Grevious.

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Default Re: Star Wars: Most Overrated and Underrated Characters

Yeah Jar Jar is overrated..................................

Seriously underrated would be Admiral Piett. He's awesome and just trying to do his job and not get choked by Vader.

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