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Won't somebody tell me?
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Default Will there ever be media set in between the OT?

More often than not, we always get stories set before the original trilogy. We got Episodes 1-3, The Force Unleashed games, both Clone Wars TV shows, and now Star Wars Rebels. I've always been curious why the time frame between Episodes between 4-6, is often left blank, aside from comics and novels, and some video games.

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Default Re: Will there ever be media set in between the OT?

My initial reaction is that I can't see them doing it with anything revolving around Luke, Leia, Han.... at least not in movie form. I guess yes, there's the potential in animated TV. I just think they run into that whole issue of trying to 're-cast' those roles, and that seems like a tough sell for live action. Honestly the Han and Luke voice actors they've got for the Lego series are actually pretty darn good, not exact, but there's an element of Hamill and Ford's tone in their voices. So if they wanted to do something 'within canon', they could leverage that talent.

It'd be relatively easy for them to do something (live action) with Vader obviously - though it would be a little weird since the comics are handling a lot of that, and it does revolve around his obsession with finding Luke, and to not have a Luke in the story.

Another thought on this is that obviously we've got this whole Knights of Ren thing to deal with. We don't know how it's going to be handled, how it fits into the universe and established timelines, etc. So from that perspective, maybe there's enough backstory setting up either the Knights of Ren or the First Order (assuming none of this "Path to The Force Awakens" stuff sets it up fully) to do at least an Anothology movie... if not maybe a trilogy.

And of course there could be other facets of the galaxy they could explore to set up other extensions of the franchise... or to close off storylines/characters that have been established ie, the Rebels crew or even Ashoka (though I doubt it), Inquisitors, Cad Bane, etc. Maybe go back to some of the worlds touched upon in the Clone Wars series? Go back to Mandalore, lay the groundwork for some type of challenge to the First Order in a second sequel trilogy?

Good question tough!

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