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The Cosmic Nightfury
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Default What is YOUR Origin Story?

So, I'm currently a student at Penn State New Kensington, and I'm a reporter for the Nittany Pride Newspaper. My first article with the paper should likely be published next week, and was a profile piece on my good friend and teammate Chris Dempsey, who will be fighting for the second time in the UFC Octagon on April 18th.

Now, I'm onto my second story: A general interest piece, previewing Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Part of that piece requires me to interview people, and ask them about their expectations of the film, their thoughts about the cast, what they've liked and disliked about the previous films and the other MCU properties, and what they're looking forward to in regards to the future of the MCU.

My closing interview question for this piece (and in all honesty, I'm just asking this particular question out of curiosity) is a fun, hypothetical, "What is your Origin Story?"
~What are your powers?
~How did you get them?
~Who is your mentor?

I'm posing that very same question to you all right now, and to get you all started, I'll tell you mine. I'll tell you the story of "The Cosmic Nightfury."

I'm a young MMA fighter, slowly coming up the ranks, but gaining recognition very quickly within the Pittsburgh region. But, I'm also an artist, and fan of cartoons and comics. Abstract designs, layouts of outer space, and drawings of dragons (my favorite being Toothless, from "How To Train Your Dragon").

To stand out from the crowd, I use creative body art to draw audiences in, in my own effort to become a dragon, like the ones I admire. Large black dragon wings tattooed on my back. A 3D-style dragon scale neck, shoulder, and chest plate of armor completely tattooed on the right side of my chest and a little on my left side, leaving space open for a tattoo of a human heart, but in the form of a star, with a green flame surrounding it (a little shoutout to Alan Scott and the "Starheart," from DC's Earth 2). To add to the dynamic, rainbow nail polish on my left hand and right foot, and black nail polish on my right hand and left foot (symbolizing that those are the knock out weapons of my arsenal).

The week before my very first title fight, I'm going for a walk around my hometown, just to clear my head, when I suddenly get knocked out by a spray of terrigen mists... I wake up wearing an actual dragon scale chest piece of armor, with a slot where green fire is literally burning, I have actual dragon wings sprouting from my back, and my nails have turned into claws.

After freaking out for a while, I figure out that I can shapeshift back and forth between normal and creature, and I manage to keep things under control until the night of the title fight.
I win the belt, and I'm celebrating on the mic. All of a sudden, I get so excited that my heart tattoo starts glowing, and as I let out a scream into the microphone, a gigantic green flame shoots out of my mouth that melts the microphone... I run out of the room as fast as I can.

So, thanks to the magic of camera phones, my mishap ends up on the internet, and S.H.I.E.L.D. sees the video. Who do they send to get me to sign up for the Registration Act?... Black Widow (which I take as a compliment, because she's an Avenger, and the best agent there is).

Somewhere along the way, she becomes my mentor, and we develop sort of a family dynamic (whether or not she becomes like a big sister, or like a mother to me, I have no idea yet), and she and S.H.I.E.L.D. help me gain control of my powers, eventually discovering through future tattoos that anything I get tattooed on my body becomes a tool/weapon/part of my anatomy. When the time comes for me to pick a codename, I choose "Cosmic Nightfury," as a tribute to my favorite dragon, and the means of how I got my powers (terrigen mists from artifacts that come from outer space).

Yes, it's a work in progress idea, but I feel it could actually become a real comic story one day. So, if you stayed to read all of that, it's your turn.

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Default Re: What is YOUR Origin Story?

Originally Posted by NicoSuave View Post
My closing interview question for this piece (and in all honesty, I'm just asking this particular question out of curiosity) is a fun, hypothetical, "What is your Origin Story?"
~What are your powers?
~How did you get them?
~Who is your mentor?
1) To have the ability to mimic any superhero's powers I think of for 5 minutes at first and then over time as I train myself, that time period extends itself further and further. And after that time period is done, I can't use that power for the rest of the day. It works similarly to Peter Petrelli's powers from Heroes. I know it sounds OP and it would sound like I have no troubles, but my challenges handling my powers would be to truly make myself live up to the example led by said superheroes. For example if I think of Spider-Man I must always live up to and really truly understand the mantra of "With great power comes great responsibility." If I don't, I lose the powers altogether.

2) I have the X-Gene. The gene activated the moment I came across a bad mugging on my way to my college classes and wished I was Captain America and then used my enhanced reflexes to save the day. I then experimented further wishing I was Iron Man, then suddenly gaining an aptitude for Engineering.

3) At first, Charles Xavier then later Steve Rogers himself.

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