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Default If there is no hulk sequel in phase 3

Would it then be safe to assume that marvel only consider him as a special event character for the avenger movies. which would kinda suck if it ended up that way I want to see how Mark does on screen without his own without his co stars.I mean hell if Ant-man of all heroes can get his own movie why not another hulk movie?

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Default Re: If there is no hulk sequel in phase 3

I think we'll get another at some point even if it's not in phase three. Phase three seems like they're going to try and finish off the Cap and Thor trilogies from that began in Phase one and the culmination of the buildup to Avengers 3. I think once that's out of the way and we got Dr. Strange, Cosmic Marvel, and perhaps Black Panther up and running then maybe in phase four we could get another Hulk with Ruffalo in the title role.

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Chance Jackson
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Default Re: If there is no hulk sequel in phase 3

Some CB/SciFi movies make back their budget for the studio(approx 2x budget) in the domestic market alone, fewer do better than that in DOM alone. Hulk has failed to make back the budget for the studio after worldwide gross and that the point a movie should hav already made a tidy profit for the studio. It wasn't until home video and distribution deals that the movie made a profit for marvel.

I say there shouldn't be another Hulk solo movie I'd be happier if they focused on and adapted other properties Widow, Carol Danvers, Black Panther, Blade.

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Default Re: If there is no hulk sequel in phase 3

I think they've already realised after "The Avengers" that the best way to handle Hulk's own movie is to portray him more as a hero and not as a rage and dangerous monster with moral dilemmas like they tried previously (and it apparently fell flat). General audience digged this charismatic approach to Banner which they came up with during TA rather than making him look like another scared and bland scientist.

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Default Re: If there is no hulk sequel in phase 3

I'm kinda sad that they took away the real origin of the hulk thats in the comics.

IMO, a big part of the Hulk is that he did that to himself, and became the force of destruction he was trying to create. Before the bomb Banner chastises someone for "Thinking with their fists" - oblivious to the idea that a Bomb is the ultimate of this idea and to the massive destruction it would inevitably cause.

If the Gamma bomb test had been successful would there have been more damage and death in the long run, because of its use, than Hulk has created?

So for me, the Hulk represented the faceless death and destruction that men can cause by their decisions and ideas. They distance themselves from it, as they aren't directly doing the smashing, but they created their own Hulks and need to live with that.

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