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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

I would have made Anakin a teen in episode 1.

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Great Mind(s)
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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Needed an "every man" protagonist. The Force was barely touched upon, someone viewing episodes 1-6 wouldn't know what the Force is until the OT. The Jedi including Yoda were lame and boring. I'm re-writing TPM for myself, and I'm making Padme a real handmaiden and not the Queen in disguise. I'm going to give her more of a Luke in ANH type role. Then when they crash on *not* Tatooine and find late teen Anakin, the real Queen will die and they'll have to make Padme into the Queen to fool the Trade Federation.

Obviously lots of other stuff like Gungans need to go as well.

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Needed an "every man" protagonist. The Force was barely touched upon, someone viewing episodes 1-6 wouldn't know what the Force is until the OT. The Jedi including Yoda were lame and boring. I'm re-writing TPM for myself, and I'm making Padme a real handmaiden and not the Queen in disguise. I'm going to give her more of a Luke in ANH type role. Then when they crash on *not* Tatooine and find late teen Anakin, the real Queen will die and they'll have to make Padme into the Queen to fool the Trade Federation.

Obviously lots of other stuff like Gungans need to go as well.
Sounds good, good luck and keep us posted. I'm already saying, those few changes already make an instantly superior story...

In addition to everything STAR WARS, and MARVEL, I'm a big Disney XD Superhero Fan

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Episode I
-Made Anakin older and already a Jedi Padawan to Obi Wan
-Made Obi Wan older and already Anakin's master
-Made Padme a Jedi Padawan; her master is killed early by Darth Maul
-Anakin and Padme have to rescue Bail Organa, the heir to the Alderaanian throne, while Obi Wan stays on Alderaan to figure out what's really going on. They have to get him to Coruscant. Anakin shows off some flying skills helping them escape.
-Darth Maul is the central villain of the story. He's on the Trade Republic/Confederate ship giving orders and he hunts down the Jedi. Darth Sidious is very much in the background.
-Change Naboo to Alderaan
-No Jar Jar Binks; no midichlorians
-Count Dooku is an Alderaanian noble who is in league with Darth Maul.
-The Senate has no army to send to Alderaan and the Jedi are reluctant to get involved. Anakin and Padme, along with Bail, and a ragtag group go back to save Obi Wan and to try to rescue the planet. They encounter Maul. Obi Wan is injured and Anakin shows some lightsaber skills against a superior Maul, injuring him and forcing him to retreat.
-Alderaan falls to the rebels. The civil war begins.

Episode II
-Takes place several years later. System after system is falling to the rebels. The Senate is struggling over the idea of whether to create a Galactic Army.
-Bail is a proponent of creating the Army. There are assassins out to stop him and Anakin and Obi Wan are added to his security. Padme, his personal bodyguard takes it as an insult, but she is happy to see Anakin again. There's a love triangle between Anakin-Padme-Bail.
-The rebels are using Mandalorian clones. The Senate is debating whether purchasing their own clone army.
-The Jedi are staying out of the debate. Can sense the growing dark side. Anakin wants to get involved in the war. Padme does as well. Obi Wan urges restraint, though he is more pro-involvement than not.

Haven't thought the rest out.

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

The suggestion of the Republic being at war with an empire of clones or something like that always sounded interesting, possibly with Clones having been used before this as tools for war, which leads to everymen having to join in the war against the clones. As years and years of war have become such a natural thing, the stuff we see in the original trilogy is now more accepted as the status quo. It would truly center around a "Star Wars".

Darth Maul would be involved in giving strong support to the clones, and i would take most of the general plot line of the original Star Wars script for Episode I, with Anakin's family having been destroyed, Maul could even be the one who killed his young brother at the beginning of the story. Anakin is then brought to Obi-Wan, in order to be properly trained mid-war. The Jedis are much weaker than they previously were, anyone can become a force wielder, and not everyone is a fighter, or even uses a lightsaber.

A lightsaber is called a "Jedi Weapon" in Episode VI, so Maul would need to have some ties to the Jedi. We see much of the stuff from Anakin, and he's explained what's going on, as well as what this universe is like. Episode I would need to be even more of an Introductory chapter than the original film, so it needed to not get overcomplicated and stay with a simple story, even Cameron knew this when he was making Avatar, with Phantom Menace, Lucas acted as if everyone knew all that was going on.

The Republic slowly turns into an Empire during the Trilogy, the Emperor himself is just a realy old mysterious guy whose tactics helped wipe out the clones, however, he kept the Empire militaristic, and racism against races that aren't human is spawned due to other aliens having been the catalyst of the Clone Wars.

Vader would probably be a code name Skywalker could use in black-ops missions of his oun during Episode II or III, the Emperor corrupts him during Episode II, while III is the absolute fallout leading into the original trilogy. Maul would most likely die in Episode II. Dooku could be a noble with Jedi ancestry and a bit of force powers, but he would be more of a secondary villain in line with Jaba.

Could be interesting if they made use of the original idea of Palpatine's palace in a volcano, this way, Obi-Wan and Anakin would at first go on to confront him there, but midway the confrontation, Palpatine is able to manipulate Anakin into turning to the dark side.

I guess that was my pitch.

Originally Posted by childeroland View Post
Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

The key is Anakin. Make him a likable character at the beginning and maybe people would not be so harsh in their criticisms of this trilogy. Problem is that the Anakin character is not likable at all. He is an immature jerk with a very short fuse. DiCaprio's performance in Titanic or Luke in A New Hope is exactly the kind of "nice guy" performance and characterization that Anakin should have had in the beginning.

Instead we end up with a character that is so unlikable from the very beginning that you don't buy into the notion of Padme falling in love with him and you don't buy into the idea that Obi-Wan could ever consider him a "good friend" as described in A New Hope. You feel zero sympathy for him when he joins Palpatine and ends up burned half to death with a dead spouse (since who cares about their marriage when the marriage itself feels contrived). If he was a genuinely nice guy at the beginning, then everything else would have worked a lot better.

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Unbreakable Lex
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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

I think the story is fine.

1. I'd have hired a better dialog guy.
2. I'd have the actors not rely so much on empty green screen sets to act off of, tech was too new and you can tell the actor's didn't "get it" like you'd have them with practical sets.
3. Hire Leonardo DiCaprio to play Anakin.

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

A lot. But the structure could've been similar. My version:

Ep I
Act I - The Jedi Order is dying. Several outlying factions (not "separatists") are getting violent attempting to gain a foothold while the Republic is in turmoil. There are only a few dozen Jedi left in the galaxy. People are losing hope/faith in the dying "religion." Palpatine is one of the dissenting voices in the senate, and everyone knows he is strong in the force. He vocally blames the Jedi for what is happening in the Galaxy. And they aren't completely innocent, their inaction and desperation for "peaceful" conflict resolution is an issue in these dangerous days. Obi Wan and Qui Gon are sent on a mission to take on Darth Maul, the leader of a band of marauders hell bent on taking over a system in the outer rim (not Tattooine).

Act II - Qui Gon and Darth Maul each take on some of the characteristics of Count Dooku (who isn't a character). Qui Gon is a grey jedi and the council won't let him become a master because of it. He can't decide whether to take the light or dark path. While on this planet searching for clues and taking out some of the marauders, Qui Gon explains his views to Obi Wan. Confusing his padawan. Then they encounter Anakin, who is a similar age as Obi Wan. He's strong in the force and is protecting nearby villages from the increasingly dangerous marauder attacks. But all he has is his blaster and a militia of villagers with their blasters and speeders. Maul sabotages the Jedi cruiser, escapes the planet. Anakin offers to help them track him down in a shipping freighter they "borrow" the shipping freighter belongs to Lars Owen who delivers goods to and from Tattooine.

Act III - On Alderaan Maul and his crew have kidnapped the young Queen Amidala. Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Anakin save her from the miscreants. Maul kills Qui Gon lets slip his plans to pick off the jedi one by one for his master and that the battle hasn't even begun. Obi Wan cuts him in half and he falls down a hole, leaving his death ambiguous. Qui Gon asks Obi Wan to see that Anakin is trained. The four men are praised for their valor.

Act I - On Coruscant, The Jedi are coerced by the Palpatine to consider a clone army. Bounty Hunter Jango Fett and young adult son Boba attempt to take out a large group of Senators. Their employers are a mystery.

Act II - Obi Wan, Anakin and Padme and Lars (their pilot) head to Kamino to negotiate with the Kaminoans. Obi Wan is avidly against it, but Anakin and Padme see it as a necessity. Seeing this as a strategic advantage for his ever growing band of power-hungry marauders, A cyborg, robotic legged Darth Maul strikes. Wanting to sabotage the Clone Army and desiring revenge on Obi Wan, he lets loose an all out assault on the planet. Warned that the Clones aren't ready for deployment, Anakin insists that they have to (to save themselves and the republic). The inexperienced, partially ready clones are sent into battle against the relentless assault upon the planet.

Act III - In the midst of a dog fight with Maul, Anakin is heavily wounded, losing at least one arm. Obi Wan and Maul both crash land igniting their lightsabers and clashing once again. Rage filling both their hearts. Maul once again has the last word as he tells Obi Wan that Palpatine is the puppet master behind all of this. Giving him the resources to attack Kamino and ordering him to assassinate Qui Gon. Maul is "defeated" once again, but Obi Wan refuses to believe it and almost jumps into the water to find him. Padme stops him and, thinking Anakin is dead, the two share a not-particularly romantic embrace and kiss. Anakin arrives to see it, thus fueling a jealousy in Anakin and confusion as to why his master acts with so much passion toward Darth Maul. The story ends with them disoriented and deciding to confront Palpatine. (ESB style ending)

Act I - The separatists begin to band together causing galactic conflict on a far more massive scale. The Clones are erratic and hard to control, but the only option the republic has against the rising forces of the outlying systems. Maul returns one final time, having "kidnapped" the emperor. Maul is now something of an abomination of robotics and twisted by the dark side. "More machine now, than man..." Obi Wan is the only one who realizes what Palpatine really is. Anakin refuses to believe him. Padme is torn. The Jedi are all but wiped out so Obi Wan and Anakin are all that's left to stop him. Obi Wan kills Maul once and for all. Executes him. And Anakin stops him from turning his saber on Palpatine.

Act II - Obi Wan has to go into hiding so goes and seeks out the mythical Yoda on Dagobah. Stories of Yoda were told to him by Qui Gon. Yoda insists that he confront his old friend to stop something much larger from transpiring. Obi Wan begins by returning and trying to convince Lars and Padme who are seemingly under the dominating influence of the sith and refuse to believe Anakin could be wrong.

Act III - Obi Wan then confronts Anakin, who has begun calling himself Darth Vader. They battle, Obi Wan soundly beats Vader, who's body is destroyed in the ensuing battle. Obi Wan's triumph frees Padme and Lars from Vader's grip and they finally believe Obi Wan who sends them both into hiding. Padme gives birth to the twins and takes one to Alderaan, and the other is sent with Ben and Lars to his home planet of Tatooine.

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