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Doc Ock
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Default Re: Marvel's May 2013 Solicitations

I've been picking up Journey Into Mystery.

I like the Sif focus and getting Beta Ray Bill will be suhweet! I haven't had enough exposure to the character.

Keep Hope Alive: Fox's days are numbered.
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Mr. Dent
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Default Re: Marvel's May 2013 Solicitations

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Did Captain Marvel get canceled already? The solicitation for Avengers: The Enemy Within says it's an Avengers/Captain Marvel crossover, but there's no solicitation for a CM issue.
Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble are being combined into one comic for the event since they're written by the same author. I wouldn't be surprised if both got cancelled after the event though, especially if sales for the event aren't good (which they won't be). It's one of the reasons I'm thinking of just dropping CM from my pull list all together after this month.

And yes, they do do Ragnarok stories way too much. I was just reading the Ragnarok written by Oeming that took place during Avengers Disassembled the other day. Unless Remender throws a good twist on it then I'm expecting a subpar second arc, which really doesn't help Uncanny's case for staying on my pull list past May.

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