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Default Goodspeeds Batman Reboot

Here is what I would do.

The Joker and Batman have been doing battle For years. In the last battle. The Joker took the life of Robin. When Batman was borderline ready to kill him. A cave in happened and the Joker fell into the sea. He somehow got amnesia for 5 yrs. He is now a good man with a family, that took him in, but his son has terminal cancer and the stress about it brings back The Joker.

Meanwhile. Cat-Woman who used to work for the Penguin has gotten out of Jail and wants CW to get her crew back for a heist. She does not want to do it. Its at Wayne Tech. The Penguin uses threats that he will kill or frame Bruce Wayne her ex for Stock fraud ala Bernie Madoff/tell her that he will tell Bruce that she gave his bio kid away to her sister. if she does not get him the Tech that can decode all Undercover operatives in Gotham.

The Riddler is brought in by The Penguin to distract Batman, while Cat-Woman reluctantly tries to bide her time. The Joker comes back to get at Batman

This is just a working story that would pit Batman against the Big 4. Catwomans secret also is that she had a child by Bruce that he is not aware of. The twist is that the kid was being raised by The Joker and its his adopted son that has Cancer.

The Vibe would be like the movie 7.

Lucious Fox would be played by Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds who is a childhood friend of Bruce who is a gadget head like his Father L Fox Senior.

This Batman is more like Dirty Harry. In this world. Batman is a myth and the Cops really turn a blind eye to him.

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Default Re: Goodspeeds Batman Reboot

4 villains? **** ME, NO! Hasn't time proven more villains are not always good.

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Default Re: Goodspeeds Batman Reboot

Never liked the idea of Joker being reformed at any point. It should all be a lie if he attempts something like that (TDKReturns). Riddler or Penguin, reformed, then going back to evil, that's more like it. Especially Penguin.

Shemar Moore would be a poor Lucius. Keep him away from these films. There's no need for Lucius, and if they do bring him back it should be someone like Denzel Washington or Tyler Perry.

4 villains should never happen unless they have small roles. And i mean cameos.

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