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Lightbulb Spidey Template for Criminal Psychology

OK, maybe Batman (DC Comics) is a America’s comic book version of Sherlock Holmes, since the masked caped crusader investigates eerie insanos in Gotham City, but Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) tackles nemeses who are oddly pedestrianism symbols of patterned behaviours we as a society deem as purely anti-social.

Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Carnage, and Rhino are all mayhem artists, while Black Cat, Doctor Octopus, and Doctor Doom (and others) are masterminds of crime and represent basic fears about the ‘exuberance of crime.’

Commando War Comics became a favourite among WWII veterans, and perhaps Spider-Man comics are enjoyed by people generally interested in the quirky footprints of criminality.

Spider-Man’s goblin nemeses, for example, carry explosive pumpkin-bombs which perhaps symbolize the tools of terrorism (or general mayhem). This generic weapon utilized by multiple ghouls is abound in Spider-Man comics and they perhaps suggest that Spidey is the ultimate ‘mass psychology (or mob psychology) sleuth.’

So how can we use Spider-Man storyboards to better appreciate/understand mega-trends/patterns in criminal behaviour?

Pumpkin Bomb

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Default The Mad Scientist

Since Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) storyboards focus on the symbolic social value of metamorphosis, I thought it would be illuminating to create a Fan-Fic short-story about Spidey tackling his mad scientist nemesis Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), a 'man-creature' haunted by transformation in a special debate about the 'fine-print of science.'


Spider-Man and Green Goblin were engaged in a special debate after the hero apprehended and incarcerated the mad scientist at Ravencroft Institute. They were debating the ‘culture of science’ in modern civilization and how we can use anthropology to understand man’s obsession with experiments. The Daily Bugle was on hand to record the debate for their newspaper, and Spidey was determined to win the debate.

SPIDEY: Cosmetics is a science marketed to women.

NORMAN: Cosmetics is vanity and proves humans are obsessed with prestige.

SPIDEY: Women wear lipstick, but it is not considered offensive in any way.

NORMAN: Cosmetics are analysed with unethical animal testing.

SPIDEY: Human scientists feel that they would rather sacrifice animals first.

NORMAN: Why give your wife a gift (e.g., perfume) when you know an animal was tortured?

SPIDEY: You and I are both superhuman, Norman, but you use your powers to terrorize.

NORMAN: Karl Marx taught humanity that authority can breed sanity.

SPIDEY: People have a right to elect their path to enlightenment.

NORMAN: Yes, but women are both picky and gender-stubborn.

At the end of the debate, Norman was returned to the privacy of his cell at Ravencroft, and Spidey soared home and prepared for the next week’s work at the Daily Bugle as Peter Parker. Peter/Spidey was sure he won the debate, but he was worried that the media hoopla surrounding the debate would somehow irritate Norman and motivate him to release the demon of the Green Goblin back onto humanity.

Spidey visited Norman in his cell once a month for the next year. The visits were productive, and Norman felt like he came to a better understanding about the psychology of civilization, and Peter/Spidey felt he came to a better understanding about non-traditional negotiation. Spidey gave Norman a pair of rayon gloves as a Christmas present as a gesture of mutual respect. One week later, Norman escaped from Ravencroft, leaving only the gloves Spidey gave him with a note that read, “Sorry, Spidey, but I have to continue courting improvisational science!”



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