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The Overlord
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Default Thunderbolts Movie

If Marvel made a movie about the Thunderbolts, which team should it be based on? Who should they cast, what would be the story?

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Default Re: Thunderbolts Movie

The World Security Council upset with Nick Fury not listening to him after Avengers 1 decides to form their own group that listens to them.

Led by Gen. Thunder ball Ross he puts together his own team. Ross recruits the following members.

Taskmaster (leader)
Crimson Dynamo
The Punisher
Abomination (under an inhibitor collar)

They would be a secret team that does the dirty work for the WSC. Eventually they break free from Ross' control. Jessica Drew would be Ross' Coulson.

The ending would be that Drew was really a spy for SHIELD. Punisher gets pardoned. Songbird takes over the Thunderbolts, while we see Ross becoming RULK.

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Default Re: Thunderbolts Movie

Any team outside of the current NOW roster.

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Infinity Ammo
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Default Re: Thunderbolts Movie

They should go with Hawkeye's Thunderbolts. Seeing as Renner is probably never going to get a solo film a Thunderbolts film of him leading a team or reformed supervillains would be great.

Hawkeye, Fixer, Songbird, Moonstone, Beetle and Citzen V (Zemo) would be my line up.

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