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Default Comics Help!!!

I desperately want to start reading the Ed Brubaker run of Captain America but all of my research is for nothing because I can't figure out what to start with. The Omnibus is too expensive so I can't get those.

I have read the Winter Soldier arc. I've read conflicting things saying it's the beginning of the guys run, but it's starts at issue 6?

What are the trade paper backs I can start collecting to read the run in order?

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Default Re: Comics Help!!!

Ed Brubaker started writing with Captain America v5 #1.

v5 lasted until #50, and then the series was renumbered to #600, and Brubaker continued until #619.

Starting #620, the series was renamed to Captain America & Bucky, and became a series of Captain America teamups. Brubaker wrote it until #624, and those five issues were more focused on Bucky than Cap.

Around the same time, Brubaker started writing Captain America v6, and the Winter Soldier spin-off.

I'd read Captain America v5 first. The first few arcs cover the Winter Soldier.

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Default Re: Comics Help!!!

I'd also read through the issues where Steve Rogers was "dead" and Bucky took over for him as Cap. They're awesome.

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Default Re: Comics Help!!!

you can read them online as well for pretty cheap through many different websites. I went through the whole WS storyline again back when they announced the film title, all online.

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Default Re: Comics Help!!!

If I wasn't sure a Thor geek, I'd have bought all those books again lol Bru ROCKS

i miss my Cap collection, even had a ratty Captain America original issue 26

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Default Re: Comics Help!!!

Download the issues. Plenty of torrents or DC++ hubs. That's the only way to get a lot of this stuff reasonably. Other than that, just follow what BullMcGiveny said and don't forget to read Steve Rogers: Super Soldier after the Death of Cap storyline.

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