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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
They'll probably just say, "Screw it. We're terrorists You know it, we know it. We're just gonna run around in hazmat suits and make giant head monsters now, 'kay?"
I'd pay good money to see that giant head monster.

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

i would really love it if A.I.M showed up in the Ant-Man movie. beekeeper helmets and insects seem to go together. beyond Killian, they haven't yet introduced George Tarleton, Monica Rappaccini, or Forson. there are several factions of A.I.M in the books; each with their own agendas (ranging from profit to nihilism).

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

I don't see what other big implications IM3 could have for Phase 2 other than introducing AIM. remembering was Kevin F. said!

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
I'm thoroughly convinced that Marvel flat out lied when they emphasized how stand alone Iron Man 3 is. I posted some theories over in the news & speculation thread (I was too new to start a thread of my own) about several of the potential ties the movie has with the rest of the MCU. In a couple of years, I think we'll look back and realize that Iron Man 3 was as heavily tied into the greater MCU as any of the other films. We just don't know it yet.
they didn't say IM3 wouldn't tie into other movies. they said the opposite. I wish I could find the quote from like a year ago but they said they wouldn't have Avengers cameos in IM3. but they also said IM3 would have huge implications on Phase 2

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

They used to emphasize that this was more of a standalone movie, but they've recently acknowledged that there are subtle hints in the film. It isn't the first time they've misled the audience. At one point they claimed that the Avengers wouldn't have easter eggs. Then they claimed that the video footage from the prequel films were the easter eggs. However, the film had multiple easter eggs. There was the whole Avengers tower thing, Odin's crows, and possibly Loki's scepter (if the whole "scepter had an infinity gem powering it" thing pans out). There may have also been more in the various files we briefly see.

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

Honestly, the "brain slot" bit alone means that IM3 will have huge implications for the setting. They only introduced the basis/justification for *all human superpowers*.

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Default Re: Bye A.I.M. rest in peace!

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
However, a thread to discuss the yellow suited jack booted thugs, and the crazy eyed scientists that run them. How about it?

This is probably what most people think of when they think of AIM. But every [evil] orgainization has to start somewhere. I guess this time they started with Extremis. And really, as smart as Killian was, it didn't seem like he was the brains behind much other than the corporate aspect. Obviously Maya invented the Extremis formula. Killian just used it to become rich and powerful. Perhaps they are working on a MODOK. And I can only assume many of the scientists have to wear yellow hazmat suits.

And now, I think a 21st century Hydra will be introduced in CA:TWS. It's unlikely Red Skull is back yet, so I'd say Zemo is behind the scenes. it's not too much of a stretch to assume Hydra funds AIM. Where else would AIM be getting money? US government funding? Unlikely. Science funding is menial in the US. Trust me, I know. And AIM truly hasn't produced a product that sells yet. So... Truth be told, it's gotta be Hydra.

Meaning Hydra, Ten Rings and AIM are all working together. Scary...
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
could appear in the form of Killian aka the Mandarin in a military-grade life-support suite like the one in your picture.

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