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Default Why did they adapt Extremis instead of Everything is Wonderful?

So to summarize Iron Man 3 one could say Tony Stark faces anxiety over the realization he can't defend against everything threat, and comes to face a scorned acquaintance from the past who, by means of attaining superpowers has beaten him in the arms race.

Well given they took MASSIVE liberties with Extremis and Killian wasn't even all that important of a character in the comics, why couldn't they have used Simon Williams aka Wonderman? Think about it he's a guy who's pissed because Tony screwed his company over and goes to AIM to get the means to exact revenge. It would have been a lot cooler than Extremis, pleased a lot more fans, and given (hopefully) a lot more satisfying of an end credit scene.

Also I don't get why the Mandarin didn't have his alien tech rings? It made sense to me before the anxiety came into play, but once you throw that into the mix having it becomes bad story telling to exclude them. Given Tony's fears stem FROM the alien invasion, if you introduce a mysterious genius who was able to reverse engineer the same alien tech and Tony for once doesn't understand how he did it, then he becomes the embodiment of his greatest fears.

Idk though, personally I thought Iron Man 3 was leaps and bounds above Iron Man 2 and while I try to reframe from posting my glorified fan fiction, I believe it's justified in cases where the story practically writes itself. Any thoughts?

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Default Re: Why did they adapt Extremis instead of Everything is Wonderful?

Iron Man vs Wonderman...
That would have been really Cool!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Originally Posted by Tails
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Default Re: Why did they adapt Extremis instead of Everything is Wonderful?

I would have absolutely agreed with you a few months ago, Benkenobi. The thing that's great about the use of the Mandarin is that Tony's greatest threat isn't from an alien source. It works well with Tony's PTSD about the Chitauri invasion.

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