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Default The William Stryker Problem

Age is obviously an important thing to keep track of with these X-Men films, but one major problem I've noticed recently is really starting to irritate my brain the more I think about it, and the question I have to ask is, why is Stryker even in this film? In X2: X-Men United, Stryker is played by Brian Cox and he looks to be about 50-60 years old (this film takes place in the mid-2000s). In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he seems to be about 30-40 years old (this film takes place in the 70s and 80s). Somehow in X-Men: First Class, he appears to be the same age as he was in X2 (about 50-60 years old, and the film takes place in the 60s). And now, in Days of Future Past, he appears to be about 20-30 years old (and the film, or at least his section, takes place in the 70s):

So, my question is: how is this possible and why do they keep insisting on bringing this pointless character back? Is there an explanation as to why he so rapidly ages and de-ages like so? Is he like Sebastian Shaw? What's going on?

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Default Re: The William Stryker Problem

In First Class, it was his father !

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Default Re: The William Stryker Problem

The Stryker in FC was William Stryker's father. He was thinking about William when Xavier read his mind. This new Stryker is the same guy from X2

This isn't a fan explanation for a mistake like Emma, its what they intended with FC

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Default Re: The William Stryker Problem

This thread is a fail.. can we close it? lol Great Mind(s) resolved the issue. CASE CLOSED!

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Default Re: The William Stryker Problem

The hell?

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