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Default Shatner & Nimoy in the 2016 film: my thoughts

Out of the classic seven, DeForest Kelley and James Doohan are unfortunately no longer with us. Nimoy, Nichols, Takei and Koenig within the past 10 years have all reprised their parts in official films or fan films [Koenig has done THREE different indie projects now; New Voyages: To Serve All My Days, Of Gods and Men and Renegades!]. That leaves one exception:

William Shatner. [barring the DirecTV commercial and Oscars 2013 sketch]

Captain Kirk is a legendary character in his own right. Chris Pine has created a new version, but many want to see Shatner back.

There are two big elephants in the room
1. Shatner looks older than he did 20 years ago
2. Captain Kirk was dead and buried in Star Trek Generations.

Shatner could look a lot worse at 83, he looked in good health and shape just a week ago in London. But he is older than he was in Generations clearly.

Also this is SCIENCE FICTION. Spock came back. Worf came back. Data has been revived in the comics and books. Oh, and Kirk's briefly been dead before. (and I'm not talking about that sloppy mess that was the ending to STID)

Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have both admitted that killing Kirk was a mistake. Fans hate it; Kirk has been revived in Shatnerverse novels and a friend of mine is turning the 'Bring Back Kirk Trailer II' into a full-length piece.

let's look at some of the ways Kirk could return and break them down:


In the Nexus time does not exist. There is no reason why Kirk shouldn't look older, it can be explained. If the Nexus exists between universes then Spock Prime can retrieve his friend. They can team with their younger selves to defeat the Klingons or whoever the villains are this time. Not exactly time travel which is good because there are already a few of those in the film franchise. Just a ribbon passing through dropping Kirk Prime off! (Also if this is possible can't this happen multiple times?! There could be an infinite number of Kirk Primes popping up all over an infinite number of universes and time periods!)

This could be fine, absolutely fine. No really. By the time Kirk and Spock have lived half a century then their characters could be closer to how Shatner & Nimoy play them. Yes their lives would be very different but in a different way they can be still two of Starfleet’s most legendary officers. Also potentially we could see Shatner & Nimoy in snazzy, smart new Starfleet uniforms from the JJverse’s future! THAT would be a perk for me! Maybe they’re on a future Enterprise with their own crew? Who knows. Or as a coda Old Kirk and Spock could be having a sip of Earl Grey with their friend Jean-Luc.

This would get past the whole ‘looking older’ thing if it’s an issue with Primey.

The wildcard – Star Trek 3’s going to need a villain. Shatner is probably not going to settle for a measly cameo. For Enterprise before ‘In A Mirror Darkly’ came to be there were two ideas for Shatner to appear – either he plays the Enterprise’s Chef who Daniels has play Kirk at a major political event, thus saving the timeline, or he plays Mirror Kirk (Emperor Tiberius in the novels) who has been sent back into the Prime Universe’s past.

How about Tiberius leading an armada of powerful ships hoping to invade the JJverse (and failing?) Shatner would relish the role!)

Arguably my least favourite option. A short sketch where Kirk and Spock are aged. It would be a bit tacky.


I remember vividly about seven years ago when the 2009 (then Christmas 2008) movie was being mooted, we had that teaser poster which TrekMovie still uses now as a banner and confirmation that Nimoy and Shatner had met with JJ Abrams and had possibly both got parts. In the end only Spock Prime returned, which was wonderful, I am a massive fan of that film. But on the 50th Anniversary it would be wonderful, 25 years after The Undiscovered Country, for the original Kirk and Spock to be on screen together one last time, and I’m hoping the appearance in length is closer to Nimoy in 09 than Into Darkness.

Pine and Quinto will still be the main guys of course.

Orci is a lifelong fan which is promising, he seems to know the characters well and the unfilmed Holo Kirk from 09 is well written.

Fingers crossed. Time will tell. It always does.

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