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Default Stupid nitpicking on IMDB about the final battle

This guy must be a troll:

"Here are some problems that i had with the final battle:

Magneto's final speech

Irony in talking about why does humanity kill mutants, using Sentinels to kill mutants, and how how mutant life has value yet he himself has tried to kill Xavier, Raven, Wolverine (he just drowned him), Beast (by Sentinels) who are all mutants.

Also ironic is his lame ass attempt to appear to take a position of leadership over Mutants (like a Father protecting his children) yet it is revealed in this movie Magneto is a DEADBEAT DAD to Peter (Quicksilver) HIS OWN SON whom he NEVER acknowledged was his son in this movie (they even show Peter watching Magneto giving this speech on a TV)

Mystique is fooled again with that damn script lazy mutant detector device in the White House Bunker. Plus since she was captured in the Bunker, how and why did the people in the bunker trust her to imitate Nixon to stop Magneto. Also when she was captured she had a metal gun, but while disguised as Nixon she shoots Magneto with a plastic gun.

Toad's ugly ass face while preparing food at some restaurant/food truck was unintentionally hilarious and kills the tension in this sequence (so this is what Mystique risked her life to free him from Vietnam for)

Magneto's rants about the Future of Mutants triumphing over humanity with their powers, yet in the future scene we seen the Mutants Slaughtered quite easily by Sentinels.

Where the hell was the army or the air force after Magneto's lifting the stadium TOWARDS THE WHITE HOUSE, especially since Magneto is supposed to be recognized as a major mutant threat to the US Government, also since they showed the pentagon have plastic guns and the 1970's Sentinels were part plastic, why weren't any of the Service Service around Nixon armed with Plastic Guns and instead only had metal guns??? Remember Magneto, who was imprisoned not just for being a Dangerous powerful mutant who nearly destroyed both the US and USSR's Naval fleet in First Class but also been implicated in the ASSASSINATION of a previous President (JFK) had escaped and no one in the White House thought to make sure that they had some plastic weapons or to make the White House bunker in 1973 (since JFK's assassination occurred rough 10 years earlier) out of non metal like they did with Magneto's Underground Pentagon Prison???

How the Hell was electricity still running the Video News Cameras and transmitting the live feed from the Stadium after all of the Sentinels firing and Magneto attacks???

How is it Magneto could lift a stadium, move it while himself levitating and controlling Several Sentinels far away from him in 1973, but could barely do much of anything in the future final fight???

Why didn't Magneto use his ability to create Electromagnetic pulse to disable the Future Sentinels??? Or just make the Ships collide into each other and explode them??? I'm sure those ships HAD to has some metal on them

Whether they were made of metal or not (which is another problem that i have had with the future sentinels) they STILL ran off of Electricity and Electronic chips.
Plus when dealing with Wolverine in 1973 since Wolverine didn't have his adamantium, Magneto uses concrete blocks with STEEL rods to impale Wolverine and thus able to use his powers to propel Wolverine into the river. He also ended up being able to control the 1970's Sentinel by impaling them with metal. Why didn't Magneto use this same technique against the Future sentinels??? He could have taken some of the Blackbird metal and restructured it to impale the Sentinels, or metal from the monastery or from the surround areas. Or couldn't Magneto have gotten a Nuclear/Hydrogen Bomb (since those are made with metal) or other metal even from scrap and collected it for this final battle with the Future Sentinels???

How did Bishop, a Mutant whose power is to ABSORB ENERGY, get killed by Three Sentinels who used ENERGY BLASTS???

What does Beast think he is doing by stabbing himself with the cure??? Just before he does it he is looking at Nixon (Mystique disguised as Nixon but he doesn't know that). If he took the cure to save Nixon from Magneto how exactly without his mutant powers was he going to save the president??? If he is saving himself why does he look at Nixon so excited and fearful then??? He also knows that Magneto is controlling the Sentinels so if his plan was to use the cure to get the Sentinel to see Magneto as
a Mutant to go after him that also doesn't make sense (and it also puts both Xavier and Wolverine at risk from sentinel attacks).

Why doesn't Charles just take over Mystique's mind after she took out Magneto??? Or freeze her like he did to the rest of the people in that bunker. That control line he
delivers is total bull*****. He didn't take control over her mind in the airport (but could take over other humans minds while communicating with Mystique, but heaven forbid that he takes over the mind temporarily of a psycho assassin who abandoned him after getting shot in First Class to stop her for commit an act that will lead to the
murder of millions of Mutants and even humanity in the future). Even worse is he lets BOTH Mystique and Magneto go free after their crimes."

There are 3 timelines so far. FC is a divergence.
Fixing the X-Men Cinematic Timeline.
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Default Re: Stupid nitpicking on IMDB about the final battle

No offense, but is this really necessary? If I wanted to read somebody's nitpicking post on IMDB, I would be on IMDB. There's no need to copy and paste it to the Hype. There's a reason we're here and not there.

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Default Re: Stupid nitpicking on IMDB about the final battle

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
is this really necessary?

”We live in times when hate and fear seem stronger. We rise and fall, and light from dying embers: remembrances that hope and love last longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside."
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