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Synaptic Flow
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Default Loved the movie but have some minor nitpicks that irritated you?

I was curious to see what people thought of my nitpicks. I really enjoyed the movie and will be seeing it for a 3rd time this Saturday.

So here are my nitpicks.

1. The first 15 or so minutes of this movie felt like George Lucas to me.
(prequel era George Lucas) Not cool. Maybe a splash of John Carter to.
Do you agree?

2. Also what's with the horribly dull, gray, dark and bland color palette of the
entire movie? It was like a rainy day. Give me some colors!

3. Didn't you feel like the Kryptonian technology was a bit... well... UGLY?
All these liquid mercury holograms and the like. I was kind of like... "EW!"
That's the best look an advanced society can come up with.

4. The city seemed suddenly un populated as all the final carnage was going on. Where were all the people? We know evacuations don't work that well in times of immense danger.

5. Unnecessary sighting of baby junk. LOL. So what, there are no space diapers on Krypton.

And that's really it. Those are about the only things that bothered me.

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Default Re: Loved the movie but have some minor nitpicks that irritated you?

^ I didn't mind what you call the "George Lucas-esque" part in the beginning part of the film. It showed Krypton like I'm not used to, and showed it and definitely made its own identity in terms of their universe.

The colors I didn't mind either. I felt like the colors were simply a testament to the tone they were going for. I really liked them.

As for me, I have a couple of nitpicks but I don't think there's really anything that irritates me really. I'm seeing it a second time tomorrow so maybe something will pick up.

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Default Re: Loved the movie but have some minor nitpicks that irritated you?

I think part of the reason why the colors looked so dull, is they they tried to make it look realistic and it didn't really work in my opinion.

But if I have to list down all the complaints about the movie, my list will be a lot longer.

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Default Re: Loved the movie but have some minor nitpicks that irritated you?

thread already exists...

If you are offended, remain offended.

Originally Posted by UltimateJustin View Post
no kid in fifteen years will recall what was going on in the haze of animated card game shows where cat faced japanese children yelled annoyingly and danced around and shot mushrooms out of their mouths.
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Boy Scout
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Default Re: Loved the movie but have some minor nitpicks that irritated you?

Those same damn piano notes playing every 15 minutes.

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