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Default Changing things: Should they keep Ben Riley as Peter's clone?

We all know that CBMs are bound to change, for better or worse. Today, the question is it ok to change stuff like Ben Riley being Peter's clone?

.... I think so. If Peter's story ends at #4, what better way to introduce the main character as Miles or Ben? If they do use Ben Riley as the main character, I hope they make him more of an individual; rather than being Peter's clone.... Thing.... It'd be nice to see him as person, instead of having one character trait (which is being Peter's clone). Also, Clone Saga sucks. Everyone in the world knows it. It's a fact. It's not the in thing to hate it. It's just HORRIBLE. If people complain about changing Ben Riley into an actual person, they're morons.

I think a good way to have Ben connected to Spiderman would be that he was an augmented baby in the beginning. An interesting twist would be that he wouldn't have the Spider-sense or wall crawling ability, but the scientist would manipulate the formula to give him stronger bones and better human senses. As to know how would he crawl on walls.... Still trying to figure that out. Ben's story would be about becoming an adult, as opposed to Peter's life as a teenager. One of the themes would be "Is the world ready for another Spiderman?" in a world that Spiderman left.

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Default Re: Changing things: Should they keep Ben Riley as Peter's clone?

I would prefer they avoid the Clone Business altogether. Both Clone storylines.

*I will forgive the writers of Man of Steel, if Superman is the Enlightened Sun God he is supposed to be, in Superman vs. Batman. Quite simply, Superman does not kill. The writers of MOS failed to grasp this, to this film's detriment.
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