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Default Re: The Official Comic Con Thread

I just loved Halle's moment at the Comic-Con.

Asking for love, her story about receiving the phone call, saying Bryan Singer's name. What a star!

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Default Re: The Official Comic Con Thread

I can accept two men with the same last name in Trask.

However, Mr. Singer and company can not just give a fugg to X3. A subtle way of flippin' off Fox and Rattner for that lol.

I'm still curious as to why they went with Dinklage. I haven't gotten into GOT yet.

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Default Re: The Official Comic Con Thread

Peter idnklage won an Emmy for first season of GOT and has been nominated for an emmy
for third season.It's very hard for any show connection to genre to get recoginzed.

He also plays a fan favorate character for show.

There may also be the irony of having a dwarf actlor playing mutant hating creator of largier sentinles

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Default Re: The Official Comic Con Thread

He's easily the most likable character on GoT, which is one of the best things on television at the moment. I think he can translate that success on the big screen again. The Trask thing from TLS is irrelevant. Nobody is going to care about these inconsistencies when this film is ultimately judged.

The major points are that Xavier was presumed dead, and the cure was presumed to be a temporary solution. That will have to be explained in the movie and I'm sure they will cover that. If Cyclops returns in something other than an alternate timeline, that needs to be covered. But little inconsistencies are not going to derail the movie and the story they want to tell.

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