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Default My plan for Phase 4 and beyond!

For this, Iím going to assume Disney gets the rights to The Fantastic Four and their villains.

Black Panther: Invasion of Wakanda

A spaceship emerges from the clouds above Wakanda. Onboard is a Super Skrull, wielding a mysterious totem that gives him the powers of the four elements (earth, water, wind and fire.) Itís up to Black Panther and his former classmates at the Future Foundation to find a way back in to Wakanda to save his people!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
This movie should introduce the Skrulls, the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Doom. At the end of the film, it is revealed that the entire event has been orchestrated by Doom to attain the Elemental Totem that empowers the Super Skrull. However, this fails and the totem empowers the Fantastic Four instead. In the resulting explosion, Victorís face is minorly scarred and he retreats to Sokovia.

Iron Man: Forge

Tony Stark finally gets a shot at the real Mandarin, only to discover that it is the Ten Rings is now led by none other than Dr Doom! After a freak accident transports them back to the Middle Ages, they must work together to get back to the present day. Along the way they meet many faces that seem very familiarÖ

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
This would basically be a retelling of Doomquest. However, I think it would be even more fun to have the Arthurian legend characters be Asgardian characters under some sort of spell by the Enchantress. King ArTHUR/Thor, Loki/Lancelot, Odin/Merlin, Morgan le Faye/Amora the Enchantress. There could also be a big twist regarding Tony but I will cover that in the BACKGROUND section below.

Captain America: Fourth Reich

In another time turning catastrophe, Steve Rogers wakes up in the floating city of Atlantis! The year is 1959 and The Red Skull has claimed control of the entire surface world, including Steveís home city of Brooklyn. But resistance is growing, and a flaming figure flies above Brooklyn skiesÖ

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
This would basically be a chance to look at the Silver Age of Marvel. Steve Rogers touches the Tesseract and becomes stuck inside it, where it turns out that Red Skull has been all this time. He was the first new arrival since The Atlanteans, eons ago.

The Invaders (starring Captain America, Namor, Agent Carter and Howard Stark as the Human Torch) devise a plan to lay siege to Hydraís capitol city. Eventually, Steve realizes that almost everything inside the Cube is some weird amalgamation of him, the Atlanteans, and The Red Skullís imagination. Thus, the only way to truly defeat the Red Skull is to leave the Cube, and his past, behind. He convinces the Atlanteans to leave with him, leaving Red Skull alone with his imaginary world inside the Tesseract.

She-Hulk (Netflix)

As the consequences of the Sokovia Accords roll across the globe, some of S.H.I.E.L.D.ís best and brightest find themselves facing trial. Leading their defense is She-Hulk, super-powered attorney, and sheís not happy!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Although it will serve as an introduction of She-Hulk, this series would also be a good chance to explore the pasts of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury. The movies have gotten too ďbigĒ to do this for these characters, I feel. Basically, the plot is that they are on trial for crimes committed as part of S.H.I.E.L.D. Could also do the trial of Spider-Man as an amazing cameo.

Obviously, by starring big actors that are usually only in the films, it would probably only be financially feasible to be four to six episodes, but would be a really neat and groundbreaking move for Disney/Marvel...and as long as Iím talking about it, I really hope Daredevil season 3 or 4 has the Trial of the Hulk!

Doctor Strange: Triumph and Torment

Desperate to bring his mother back to life, Dr Doom comes to the good doctor for help. Not really anything to spoil here, just filming a straight retelling of this amazing graphic novel would be great!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Feige has stated that all of Marvelís characters already exist in the MCU and that weíve just yet to point the camera in the direction of some. Black Panther and Spider-Man are a great example of how seamlessly that turn of the camera can be.

Letís talk about Dr Doom and the Fantastic Four. Although it would be easy enough to simply introduce them as new players, it would be more satisfying to show how they grow out of the setting that has been established so far. I have come up with a background for Doom that makes him, not just a villain, but a representation of many different things to several major players in the MCU.


In his younger years, Tony Stark was carefree and careless.

One night he met a girl named Cynthia. They spent a few fun months together until, to their surprise, Cynthia became pregnant. A few days later, Cynthia woke up alone. As days went by, she realized she would never hear from Tony again.

But soon after Victor was born, Cynthia met a handsome, worldly man who seemed to take a real interest in her. Still, having had her heart broken by Tony, she refused to give in to his advances unless they were married.

This frustrated the man, as he could not give of himself to another. For that man was actually Mephisto. And so, for many years, as Victor grew older, Mephisto repeatedly tried, and failed, to seduce Cynthia. Each time he visited, he spent much time with her and, in this way, Mephisto slowly became somewhat of a father figure to Victor. Mephisto entertained Cynthia with his magical tricks and even taught Victor the basics of the art, all in the hope that one day he will would wear Cynthia down. But although she spent much time with Mephisto, and learned much about the dark arts from him, she managed to remain good and use the powers for good whenever she could.

At the same time, Cynthia was open with Victor about his real father, Tony Stark, and Victor looked up to Tony as a role model. Victor studied hard to become an engineer, hoping one day to be hired by Stark Industries and meet Tony himself.

One day, while Victor was at school, in a final effort to have her, Mephisto revealed his true identity to Cynthia...but it only horrified her. And so, in a fit of rage, Mephisto killed her. When Victor came home, Mephisto showed himself for who he really was and told Victor that his mother had sold her soul to him. Mephisto, as always, was too proud to admit that he was bested.

Victor despaired and vowed, deep in his mind, to one day become stronger than Mephisto and bring his mother back to life. This brought a smile to Mephistoís face.

But for the time being, Victor, now an orphan, began to make a name for himself as a healer and inventor. As he grew and his peers begin to go to high school, he was found by recruiters from The Future Foundation, far away in New York City. They thought he had great potential and wanted to offer him an opportunity. Noticing that this would bring him one step closer to meeting his father, Victor left his home behind.

Victor made many friends at The Baxter Building, particularly Susan Storm, daughter of co-founder Franklin Richards. The Future Foundation, although Franklinís idea, was largely funded by King TíChalla and the sovereign state of Wakanda, which allowed them to go beyond many parameters usually imposed on schools. In this way, Victor was able to research and explore more fields than he would have thought possible.

After a few years together, Susan and Victor developed strong feelings for each other. But Victor was also aware of a method in the dark arts, and so he devised an evil plan. As days and months went by, Victor lulled Susan into a sense of security and, when she could bear the secret no longer, she timidly admitted her love to him. Victor, to her shock, coldly rejected her advances and humiliated her, acting as though she were a fool for ever believing he was interested in her. As he returned to his room and tears fell down his face, his power in the Dark Arts greatly deepened and widened. And as Susanís heart was shattered, his hardened. Susan turns to her friend Reed for comfort and, when he found out what happened, Franklin approached a recruiter at Stark Industries.

After many years at the Baxter Building, one of Victorís dreams became reality as he received an offer of employment from his fatherís company, Stark Industries. He happily accepted, and quickly began to climb the ranks. Soon, he found himself passing his own father in the hallways, or hearing his voice over a conference call. Maybe soon it would feel right to tell Tony who he really was...

It was instead an almighty shock when he woke one day to find that Tony had been abducted while out giving a weapons demonstration(1). The Ten Rings, an organization that had plagued the very streets Victor had grown up on, had now taken his father too. Immediately taking a leave of absence, Victor got in touch with old friends, infiltrated the The Ten Rings, and attempted to locate his father. But soon enough, and to his shock once more, he saw that Tony had escaped on his own and had become something known as Iron Man.

Victor was relieved, but found it difficult to untangle himself from the Ten Rings. And so, he decided to use the group to his advantage. It was during this time that Victor honed his physical and mystical combat skills, and soon he became a leader, eventually meeting and being taught by The Mandarin himself. When he had learned all that he could, Victor convinced The Mandarin to allow him to return to Stark Industries as an inside agent. Once there, Victor exploited his position to great profit, and soon he had bought up a significant share of the company.

And then...Ultron. Sokovia(2).

Victor watched as Tony avoided accountability for the disaster. He saw how simply Tony abandoned the people of Sokovia after Ultronís defeat. He noticed that Tonyís relationship with his lover, Pepper Potts, seemed to trouble him much more than all those who were still homeless and hungry as a result of his actions(3). Victor became disillusioned with his father.

Although Stark Industries had little to do with Tony anymore, his name alone was enough to cause the stock price to plummet during the aftermath, and Pepper sought distance from Tony in the turmoil, choosing to step down as CEO. Victor, already a board member from buying so many shares, and having exhibited a technical prowess matched only by Tony himself, was named her successor. Finally, after so much time, Victor felt worthy of sharing the truth of his identity with his fatherÖ.but suddenly, he could not see the point.

Starkís stock price continued to fall, and Victor orchestrated a faux theft of their warehouses by The Ten Rings, in reality selling the weapons outright. This caused Stark Industriesí stock price to sink to an all-time low, and Victor used his profits from the sale itself to buy all outstanding shares of the company and re-privatized it, becoming the sole owner. He then shocked the world by announcing construction of a new global headquarters and massive manufacturing plant in Sokovia(4).

The effort succeeded, revitalizing Sokoviaís economy and bringing amazing wealth to the suffering country. Victor became a hero to the people, and won election to President of Sokovia by a wide margin.

Over the years, Victor accomplished many other feats. He harvested the adamantium corpse of Ultron Prime, using it to build himself a suit of armor. He built upon the designs of the Iron Legion, creating AI soldiers in his own image: the Doombots. He plotted his hostile takeover of the Ten Rings, to reclaim all the assets he had sold to them over the years and exploit their wide network of influence(5).

All the while, Victor delved ever deeper and deeper into the mystic arts, searching for a way to defeat Mephisto. He protected his people and his nationís resources with the cutting edge of weapon tech, running Stark Industries, his stolen birthright, out of his own fortress, in a country nearly immune to superhuman intervention due to protections and clauses within the Sokovia Accords.

Underneath it all, he hides a secret that connects him to Tony Stark, the cornerstone of the MCU. He is Doctor Doom!
  1. Iron Man
  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. Black Panther: Invasion of Wakanda
  5. Iron Man: Forge
If you read all this, I really hope you enjoyed it, or at least liked some of the ideas presented. I guess it's obvious that I'm a big fan of the MCU! Please let me know your thoughts below

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Default Re: My plan for Phase 4 and beyond!

I imagine all of the following films are in the cards for Phase Four:

Avengers 5
Black Panther 2
Captain Marvel 2
Doctor Strange 2
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Spider-Man 2

As you can see, we're looking at a lot of sequels. They're going to need to find some new IPs to bring in.

God willing, they'll get the Fantastic Four rights back by 2022. And if we're even luckier, things will work out to where they get Namor back as well. So Phase Four could end up looking a bit like this:

Avengers 5
Black Panther 2
Captain Marvel 2
Doctor Strange 2
Fantastic Four
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Silver Surfer
Spider-Man 2

Everything in this post is my fault.
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