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View Poll Results: Which tech/weapons do you think we'll see on BvS and future movies?
Phantom Zone projector 1 25.00%
Amazonian tech 3 75.00%
Mother box (Apokolips) 2 50.00%
AMAZO (Ivvo) 1 25.00%
Red Tornado (T.O Morrow) 1 25.00%
Cyborg (Star Labs) 3 75.00%
Metallo (Lex Corp) 3 75.00%
Another... say it 1 25.00%
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Default Kryptonian, Apokolips/NewGenesis, Ivvo and T.O Morrow tech? What can we expect?

We all have kryptonian tech all over Man of Steel. But the question here is... which type of tech they had left for the humans to use them.
We had the Liquid Geo tech in the scout ship (it wasn't all destroyed, and there's a key that Zod put on it. so it can be possible that we can see this on weapons, cyborg or metallo's traits?
We had the drop ship at the arctic, that on MOS extras it was said that Lexcorp had it along with many laser weapons that were fully studied.
We had the World Engine's parts on the Indian Ocean. don't tell me that even a few pieces can be studied and be useful for developing newly and great weapons.

Here's a great article from the MOS fanpage that is interesting if you're interested in giving a reading...

With the battle of Metropolis over, and the threat posed by Zod and the Kryptonians neutralized in Man of Steel, the clean-up begins. Could we see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice organizations clambering to get their hands on every piece of Kryptonian technology available? From the ruins in Metropolis (including the body of General Zod) to the leftover wreck of the World Engine in the Indian Ocean, what secrets does this technology hold and is there a greater potential for good or evil? Before its destruction, Krypton was a highly technologically advanced society. They had sophisticated machines capable of terraforming alien worlds, the Genesis Chamber (capable of growing/sustaining embryos, while embedding a certain genetic makeup), the Liquid Geo (liquid metal type substance that serves as an interface), to the Phantom Zone/Drive. What pieces of this technology survived on Earth and is it functional?
S.T.A.R. Labs

S.T.A.R. Labs is a research laboratory founded by Garrison Slate, a scientist who envisioned a chain of research labs unconnected to governments or any one businesses’ interests. S.T.A.R. Labs employed the best scientific minds (in their respective fields) such as Dr Emil Hamilton, Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, to name a few. With a large amount of the technology scavenged split between S.T.A.R. and Lexcorp, there is no doubt that a few misplaced bits and pieces made their way into the hands of Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor, which they will be studying to determine Kryptonian weakness and adapting those to counter the threat Superman could become if he was ever to get out of control.

I’ve speculated on this before here, I think what we will see from S.T.A.R. this time around will mostly be their research of the Kryptonian technology. Since we received the news that Cyborg has been cast in Batman v Superman, the probability of an accident involving him seems sky-high. If they were to tap into the potential of the Liquid Geo, this could very well end up being the basis for his augmentations; which would also allow him the ability to seamlessly morph his limbs to produce weapons, shields and a whole array of gadgets and devices. It also remains a question whether the Liquid Geo has its own artificial intelligence. Would this allow him to sync with the other pieces scavenged from the World Engine in the Indian Ocean? And if so, could he potentially be controlled?

Never one to be left out of the loop, (especially given the potential to study and harness the power and weapons of beings who are seemingly gods to us) are the team at LexCorp.

Conducting their own studies on the Kryptonian tech, gathering all available knowledge, testing its boundaries and implications, all seem like realistic projects for the “Google-like” company. Now that the Man of Steel has arrived on Luthor’s radar, it seems likely Kryptonian technology will be used to develop advanced weaponry, and maybe armor. We know little about this new vision for Lex Luthor, but he probably views himself as “Godlike”. Perhaps the technology and power at his disposal could lead him to develop his signature green Mech suit (Warsuit), allowing him the chance to battle Superman head-on. Though I think this would be awesome to see on screen, I get the feeling we may end up having to wait until the Justice League movie. But, that doesn’t mean it’s completely off the table and the possibility that it will appear along with a fan favorite villain in Metallo is an exciting prospect. What if Luthor has found a way to tap into the artificial intelligence and Liquid Geo technology harvested from the wreck of the scout ship? Power suits developed with Kryptonian tech for military purposes, which may very well lead to the introduction of Sgt John Corben. If we see a similar use for the Liquid Geo applied to Corben by the scientists at Lexcorp, mimicking (to a degree) what S.T.A.R. Labs achieves with Victor Stone, then we could see the catalyst that brings Victor Stone/Cyborg to the Justice League. If Kryptonite has been discovered and the effects have been studied on Kryptonian biology (with the help of Zod’s corpse?) we might see a Metallo sporting his signature Kryptonite heart or a newly reborn Victor Stone as Cyborg to battle him.

What would a Kryptonian computer virus look like? An intelligent computer virus, capable of free thinking and able to access any network it pleases. What would happen if this insidious virus was brought to Earth on the scout ship and then released?

Most of the origin stories surrounding Brainiac see him as an advanced artificial intelligence created by the scientific mind of Vril Dox, who later merged himself with this new intelligence in a desperate attempt to save his world and his family. The intelligence known as C.O.M.P.U.T.O then set out to save distant worlds from a cataclysmic event dubbed “the Multitude” by shrinking and preserving the capital city once it has reached its zenith. We witnessed a moon in pieces back on Krypton, was this caused by the Kryptonian supervillain known as Jax-Ur, or someone/something far more sinister? Since we were treated to an iteration of him in the Man of Steel (he was the Kryptonian scientist who studied Clark) maybe he wasn’t the direct cause for what became of the moon. Depending on which continuity they choose to follow (if at all), could the Kryptonian people have faced off against Brainiac, and if he was defeated there is always the possibility he was able to imprint himself onto their databanks. Colonies where lost across the universe after losing communication with Krypton, this could have been caused by a rogue computer virus. Bringing us back to Earth, this could all be something setting up to the Leagues’ first threat in Brainiac. Here me out, if Metallo is developed by Lex Luthor using scavenged Kryptonian tech and there is a rogue Kryptonian computer virus in the AI, this could lead to the birth of Brainiac. Reprogramming Metallo, and using his body as his own and connecting itself to the internet, he could prove devastating and a threat worthy of the Justice League. Also, taking into account the possibility Cyborg is connected to the same central AI, he could be used against the League forcing them to fight one of their own. Brainiac in my opinion would be the penultimate threat to the Justice League, surpassed only by the introduction of Darkseid and Apokolips.
Do you think Kryptonian will be the first stone to a much greater tech? and based or thanks to this tech we'll see others like THE PHANTOM ZONE PROJECTOR? or...

Professor Ivvo , T.O Morrow could get mentioned on this movie and get a good treatment to then see AMAZO, RED TORNADO?

Also Amazon's tech, like the ones made by the friend(or brother) of Wonder Woman?

Not to mention the Apokolips tech that can be "left" or "given" to the right places from Darkseid and whatever purpose they had?
Mother Box, New Genesis weapons?

"Krypton bred me... but it was Earth that gave me all I am." - Superman
I Like Marvel, Love DC, but what I love the most is ˇDIVERSITY!

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Default Re: Kryptonian, Apokolips/NewGenesis, Ivvo and T.O Morrow tech? What can we expect?

don't think we'll be getting the Phantom Zone, we already got a version of that in MOS

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The Man of Tomorrow
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Default Re: Kryptonian, Apokolips/NewGenesis, Ivvo and T.O Morrow tech? What can we expect?

But I'm refering to an earth version. discovered by Star Labs. you know that could be used as a prison for superpowered criminals.

"Krypton bred me... but it was Earth that gave me all I am." - Superman
I Like Marvel, Love DC, but what I love the most is ˇDIVERSITY!

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