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zerohour films
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Default It's Superman! by Tom De Haven

So I finished reading this book this past week. Haven't seen any mention of it around here....

Anyone's thoughts?

I enjoyed the book a lot. Thought it was a great read--though I feel the Superman (or even Clark) parts got lost in the mix of telling backstories for so many other characters.

I do take issue with some of CK's characterization and would like to open that up for discussion with someone else who has read it.

Although I feel the author did take the character of Clark himself and really show what someone raised in that culture and place in time would be like, I feel some of it trailed away from the traditional Clark we all know.

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Default Re: It's Superman! by Tom De Haven

I bought mine a while back. I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing Clark grow into that Superman role and his travels across country.

Are You Serious ?
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zerohour films
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Default Re: It's Superman! by Tom De Haven

Finally...I was beginning to think nobody but me had read it.

Also, I see you are a fellow Alabamian.

The book was a great read.

In regards to the travels, I wish they had dealt a little more with just Clark. They seemed to skip through alot of his stuff to introduce other characters.

But overall it's a good elseworlds tale of Supes.

I will cover this, even though it's not really any type of spoiler:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

didn't care for Clark smoking that one time though, just a little annoyance.

This would be considered one:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

And Lex giving Clark his suit was an interesting twist, but a bit odd. I guess you could consider it his one contribution to mankind.

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American Ham
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Default Re: It's Superman! by Tom De Haven

I haven't read it, Zerohour, but when I do, I'll be sure to comment.

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Default Re: It's Superman! by Tom De Haven

It's Superman
Coming of age in rural 1930s America with X-ray vision, the power to stop bullets, and the ability to fly isnít exactly every boyís story. So just how did Clark Kent, a shy farmerís son, grow up to be the Man of Steel? Follow young Clarkís whirlwind journey from Kansas to New York Cityís Daily PlanetĖby way Hollywood. This ace reporter is not the only person leading a double life in a teeming metropolis, just the only one able to leap tall buildings in a single boundĖa skill that comes in handy when battling powerful criminal masterminds like scheming Lex Luthor and fascist robots. But can Clarkís Midwestern charm save the day and win the heart of stunning, seen-it-all newspaper woman Lois Lane? Or is it a job for Superman? Look deep into the soul of a pop-culture legend brilliantly reimagined in this novel, which is as inventive and thrilling as it is touching and wise.

This is the first Superhero production by Director Scott McCormick and Sound Designer Thomas Hogan. Producer Richard Rohan, who previously directed all of the GraphicAudio Superhero releases, says "A gloriously fun and often touching exploration of Supermanís earthly origins, given new freshness in the context of the American depression, the time period in which the character was conceived. Itís Superman! is filled with surprises, wild action and engaging characters, including a fascinating interpretation of Supermanís nemesis, Lex Luthor".
Talking Man of Steel with novelist, VCU professor Tom De Haven
VCU creative writing professor Tom De Havenís talks about Supermanís history, why he wrote the 2005 novel, Itís Superman!, and how the Man of Tomorrow fits into the world of today.

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