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Default The Wolverine: The Claremont / Miller Edition?

This isn't meant as a knock at the movie, because after watching the extended/unleashed/eff bomb version, I thoroughly enjoyed 90% of this movie. In fact, I thought that 90$, was pretty much the equal adaptation of Wolverine to the big screen as was the original Iron Man. Although I'M was funnier, Logan (or at least the one I grew up with) wasn't funny. He was simply bad ass.

Now, I became a fan of the charachter back in the 80s and the mini series this movie was based on was what hooked me on the character permanently. That being said, I think Mangold and Jackman did a fantastic job, translating the story into a movie. To be honest, I thought they were gonna **** it up. I decided to give it a shot and was blown away....

SPOILERS (even though the movies not new)

...And then they added a stupid ****ing robot suit. I'm gonna give James and Hugh a pass on this. I'm gonna give them some faith for doing such a great job. I will put this one on the studio but rather than *****, I thought of a more positive outlet....

The Wolverine: The Claremont / Miller Edition.

Take the entire movie up until Shingen and Mariko are arguing. Before she opens the door to reveal the Hand (or what ever they are called in the movie) cut to Logan riding his motorcycle.

Now the next part would require digital editing but when Logan gets slashed in the face, remove the healing of the wound. Let it run, until he blows up the gass tank to kill the hand.

Now cut back, to when Logan and Yukio walk into Yashida's house. Cut out any reference to to Mariko being held hostage somewhere else. Let it run until Logan kills Shingen, saying "I'm the Wolverine". Now I loved the last scene of Jean and Logan, but to go shirtless to shirt and so on would be distracting and would need a reshoot. Him making that statement, shows he has made the reconciliation with who he is.

Last and certainly not least, use the black and gold alternate ending. This would be an alternate cut, a stand alone movie. It would have no impact on DOFP.

So yeah, I rambled.... And yes, I know it will never happen. But we're all comic fans and we like to ask "what if?". What if Cap fought Bats, what if Thor fought Superman... So I thought I'd ask you what you thought if we got The Wolverine withought the dumb robot suit.

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