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Default DC Anthology

Whilst i was expecting to see a MOS trilogy, alongside a Bats Trilogy with team up movies in-between, i feel like they are going down the route of a DC Anthology, of sorts.

Man of Steel

'Batman V Superman'


Where each film is unique, but could be viewed as linear in terms of story/universe.

The Marvel template is good, but, if DC can produce films that, set in the same universe are quality, in terms of narrative - then trilogies etc shouldn't be too much of an issue.

I do feel the colour pallet and pacing/tone of MOS can't continue into the next instalments - i want to see more character building and a lighter tone, fresh colours, whilst staying true to the characters.

By that i mean, the saturated look needs to go, in my opinion. Superman now is a symbol of hope, the universe we are open too, is a brave new world.

Every year a film could be released, wether it be a solo story, joint venture or a team up.

Such as:

2013 MOS
2015 B v S - featuring WW
2016 Flash
2017 MOS 2
2018 Batman
2019 Aqua Man featuring GL
2020 Justice League


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Default Re: DC Anthology

I don't see JL that far
Here's my take on how WB may be planning to expand Dc Universe:

2015 superman/batman
2016 flash or Flash/Green Lantern
2017 Wonder Woman
2017 MOS 3
2018 Justice League (Supes, Bats, Wondy, Flash, Green Lantern, MM or cyborg)
2019 Batman
2019 Shazam movie
2020 JL 2 (Adding Shazam, Aquaman)
2021 Aquaman movie
2022 MOS 4
2023 Batman 2
2023 The emerald knight


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Default Re: DC Anthology

Here's mine. The main idea I have is to set up a system where the individual films aren't in a holding pattern for Justice League and have an end to "act 1" of this generation of actors without doing a full reboot.

2015: Batman/Superman; Luthor as the badguy, betrays Brainiac to hijack his stuff.
2016: Justice League; I'm working off the idea that not only is Wonder Woman doing a cameo in B/S, but so is Flash (with some kind of stable time-loop involving Zoom for his origin). Badguy is someone like Despero, but he's fleeing from Darkseid's last destroyed planet.
2018: MOS 2; A Carry over of Luthor, deploying Parasite as his monster while creating B-Zero(Bizarro) and L-13(Superboy). Supergirl is released from Brainiac's preservation chamber, Bruce Wayne and Diana make cameos to help her.
Flash; Time travel story against Zoom changing history, like Flashpoint, but instead of doing a reboot, we get to see what Earth will look like when Darkseid arrives since that's the future Zoom hails from.
2019: Wonder Woman: Circe and Ares unveiled as immortal threats on the rise once more, they ally themselves with Vandal Savage's Legion after a massive defeat that banishes Ares from the mortal realm.
Green Lantern: Apokilips makes its appearance in a galactic war story. The New Gods reincarnation abilities are displayed. They are locked from Earth, but Darkseid makes his first appearance and laughs at the idea he is even inconvenienced.
2020: Batman: Batman uncovers the Legion while taking on Ra's Al Ghul. The Legion begins its initial assault, with Robin II dying at the hands of the Joker. Basically, Batman wins his battle against the Joker and maybe Ra's, but the war continues in...
Justice League 2: League vs. Legion, with Libra appearing, Lex usurping and fracturing the Legion after initial success under the League's manipulation, and Vandal Savage making a deal with the supposedly stymied Apokilips. Filmed at the same time as it's sequel.
2021:Batman/Superman 2: Luthor running for President and Talia going Leviathan on the world, with Red Hood engaging Supergirl while Superboy is activated Manchurian Candidate style. Last real big victory for the heroes with Luthor in hiding, Talia in custody, everyone alive and Bruce with all his Robins with Tim Drake securing Damian Wayne.
Justice League 3: Ragnarok style story with aspects of Death of Superman, Emerald Twilight, War of Our Worlds, and especially Final Crisis. Legion and League alliance at the appearance and almost instant victory of Darkseid with Anti-Life Equation. All main heroes have some kind of exit from the story so that actors can retire and be replaced if they want to.
2022: Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War-Start of new era with new actors but same continuity. Other heroes have movies come out after this, but address plot threads from Justice League 3.

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