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Default Here's an idea for the DCCU: Legends of the Dark Knight

With Affleck as Batman in BvS and JL, my concerns for this casting is not the actor or the talent he brings from himself or others (like Argo's writer scripting both films instead of Goyer), but his age. Affleck will be 42 very soon, and the guy has it in him to play Batman in those two movies, and most likely the JL sequels (and Superman/Batman films, if they realize that that's a franchise concept too), but any hope for a Batman solo film(s) seems out the door because Affleck couldn't really do them. Well, he could, but not in the way that you think. It suddenly occurred to me that, if they want to do some Batman solo films in the DCCU, maybe with Affleck directing ONLY, they could this:


Keep in mind, I'm referring to the original 1989-2007 comic: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight was a comic where it was known for its stories being not necessarily part of the current events of the other Batman comics, or DCU comics in general, and ran as a stand alone title (at least in the beginning). Most of the stories featured the early years of Batman's career, though later it took place at different times. This is something that could work as a Batman DCCU film series; films about Batman set before Man of Steel (thus a DCCU prequel series/trilogy), detailing his adventures, cases, and personal stories that led him to become how he is in BvS. They could showcase the villains this way, even new ones like the Court of Owls for example, and it could be stand alone so the filmmakers wouldn't have to be that worried about continuity when it comes down to the other DCCU films with the exception of certain important things. Affleck could be involved, like directing, but we wouldn't have to worry about him playing the role, as we would have a younger actor playing Batman.

Now granted, this all depends on just what and who Batman is in the DCCU in BvS, because alot of things could work, but then again, alot of things might not work. But imagine: Legends of the Dark Knight; a Batman film series, serving as a pre-MOS DCCU prequel, that gives us more Batman and everything connected to him in the DCCU, keeps Affleck as well, but also we don't have to worry about his age and future fast casting changes for the character.

What do you guys think?

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